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In our old house the closets have no light. To remedy the situation we bought a bunch of touch lights, which were, at the time, heavily advertised on late night television. Soon, their brightness dimmed as it slowly ate the batteries. More vexing, they were attached to the wall in a fixed position. Our closet had shelves, angles and hanging bars.

We needed a movable, flexible and long lasting light.

Step 1: Materials

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There are few materials.

  • Black and Decker Magnetic LED Shop Light. The magnet is key--it will allow you to remove it and shine it anywhere. Shop lights are not only tough (you can drop it over and over again) but they last a long time. Sure, they cost a bit more than a strip of cheap touch lights, but you'll save plenty in batteries. Black and Decker is not the only brand, just the one I used.

  • Framing L bracket. A simple construction material that cost less than a buck. The magnet sticks to it.
  • Screws. I used a sheet rock screw because I had them.

Step 2: Put It Together

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Connect the Magnetic Shop Light via the magnet to the L bracket. Turn it on.

Adjust the location of the L bracket to where it shines on what you need to typically look at. Screw the L bracket up high, so the light can shine down on your stuff.

More important, because it stuck by magnet and not fixed you can remove it. Need to see something up close, or around a corner, or even need a light outside the closet and you can remove it from the L bracket.


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