Did you ever want to chew your tunes, we great news to you now you can with this wicked awesome case made out of a gum box.

Step 1: Supplies

You will need:
- Scissors
- Ipod Nano (3G) duh
- Gum box ( If you use Big Red like i did make sure to take the Big Red Challenge)
- Glue (super glue would work better but regular glue will be fine)
- A single hole punch
- Package Tape
- Some sort of Stuffing (I used some thin sponge thing)
<p>Big Red. I like it :)</p>
<p>That's cute :)</p>
<p>That's so cool</p>
Owl City is one guy's project. he wrote all of his music from his parent's basement during insomnia. What i'm getting at is that Owl City is not a band, but one guy from Owatonna, Minnesota.<br />
<strong>nicee lolz</strong><br/>

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