Picture of Better Ipod Nano (3G) gum case
Did you ever want to chew your tunes, we great news to you now you can with this wicked awesome case made out of a gum box.
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Step 3: Cut the Stuffing

Picture of Cut the Stuffing
Cut stuffing to size of the bottom of the box

Step 4: Unwrap the Gum

Grab three pieces of gum and chew them while you are doing this (if you have big red lick the wrappers and stick them on your face and see what happens) glue wrappers around the stuffin gthis will give the illusion that there are pieces of gum still in the box. Once the wrappers are glue secure them on the bottom with tape them glue on the inside of the box.

Step 7: Almost done...

using the glue put the box back together. use package tape to secure all of the edges when the glue dries it also gives it a plastic like shine
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