Better Material Organizer Tube




Introduction: Better Material Organizer Tube

I came up with this great way to make sure I don't lose container lids anymore. Here I used a paintball re-loader tube. It was great for holding miscellaneous screws but I was always losing the lid.

Tools you will need:

1 - Paintball tube or other similar container

1 - Zip Tie

Super Glue

Wire Cutters

Exacto Knife

Step 1: Drill Holes

I used a step bit to drill two holes opposite of the thumb tab. Once you have these drilled you are ready to install the super high tech space age zip tie.

Step 2:

With the zip tie installed test removal of the lid a few times to make sure you have it the right length. Once you have the zip tie the right length trim off the excess tab flush with cutters and an Exacto knife. I trim all my zip ties flush with the locking head to prevent scratching during use. As a final touch I add one drop of super glue to keep the tie from closing down any further.

Now you will waste no more time with lost lids.

Now get back to work you d#mn kids!



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