Picture of Better Paper Snowflakes
For more than ten years now I've had the holiday tradition of making paper snowflakes as gifts for friends and family. They have quickly become favorites this time of year. I wrote up the instructions here on instructables in 2008 and was warmly recieved (200,000+ views?!?). But, there was a problem . . .

See, in real life snowflakes have six sides, not eight. Thus, I present a new instructable for six sided snowflakes!

Step 1: Materials and Tools

Picture of Materials and Tools

-Good Scissors (Yes, I said good scissors. Spend $10. It'll be worth it)
ssachs11 year ago
Ok, so I don't think I'm really stupid, but don't you think you should mention, in step 3, where you get the ruler out, that the mark is 1-1/16 from the edge of the top left edge, as per the image. Nowhere did you mention that and I got so confused I didn't even make it to the 'reindeer' head! I threw in the towel.
Well, I thought I'd never get that reindeer right, but I think I got 'er now. Just a note maybe say, "flip the paper over and horizontally" I was a little confused there and "bring the left side of your paper up to the right side." I had trouble on last step getting the half reindeer when I went the other way, folding right to left, so don't do that people. I also had trouble on step 6, I had to adjust my folding from the pencil mark or I had a flap on the right side of my reindeer. Just a few suggestions. Maybe others are not as clueless as me though, LOL. I know directions are hard especially when you have done them over and over and now your trying to write them down for someone else. Ok, think I got on to the next step, BTW, thanks for sharing and Merry Christmas.
CYNICALifornia (author)  teaguesmomma073 years ago
It's funny how different people think differently. Reading your directions is as confusing to me as I imagine mine were to you. They both make perfect sense to the one who wrote them though, eh? Hopefully anyone I've confused will read your comment and become unconfused. :)
Yippee, I did it. My mother loves it.
CYNICALifornia (author)  teaguesmomma073 years ago
What kind of snowflake did you make?
That is very awesome! I love that robot!
Thanks! I'm excited to see what you make.