For more than ten years now I've had the holiday tradition of making paper snowflakes as gifts for friends and family. They have quickly become favorites this time of year. I wrote up the instructions here on instructables in 2008 and was warmly recieved (200,000+ views?!?). But, there was a problem . . .

See, in real life snowflakes have six sides, not eight. Thus, I present a new instructable for six sided snowflakes!

Step 1: Materials and Tools


-Good Scissors (Yes, I said good scissors. Spend $10. It'll be worth it)
<p>Love your method! much easier to cut and very sensible folding. :-) I actually Like doing them now!</p>
Ok, so I don't think I'm really stupid, but don't you think you should mention, in step 3, where you get the ruler out, that the mark is 1-1/16 from the edge of the top left edge, as per the image. Nowhere did you mention that and I got so confused I didn't even make it to the 'reindeer' head! I threw in the towel.
Well, I thought I'd never get that reindeer right, but I think I got 'er now. Just a note maybe say, &quot;flip the paper over and horizontally&quot; I was a little confused there and &quot;bring the left side of your paper up to the right side.&quot; I had trouble on last step getting the half reindeer when I went the other way, folding right to left, so don't do that people. I also had trouble on step 6, I had to adjust my folding from the pencil mark or I had a flap on the right side of my reindeer. Just a few suggestions. Maybe others are not as clueless as me though, LOL. I know directions are hard especially when you have done them over and over and now your trying to write them down for someone else. Ok, think I got on to the next step, BTW, thanks for sharing and Merry Christmas.
It's funny how different people think differently. Reading your directions is as confusing to me as I imagine mine were to you. They both make perfect sense to the one who wrote them though, eh? Hopefully anyone I've confused will read your comment and become unconfused. :)
Yippee, I did it. My mother loves it.<br>
What kind of snowflake did you make?
That is very awesome! I love that robot!
Thanks! I'm excited to see what you make.

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