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In the present day, pictures effect an instructable greatly and usually decide if your instructable gets featured or not. However, maybe your goal is not to get your article featured nor to win a contest, but just to get that appreciation of accomplishment. Follow these simple steps and make your instructable better! 

Step 1: The Materials

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The list of materials needed can probably be found throughout your home: 

-A sharpie (or other marker) 

-A ruler

-A triangle (optional) 

-4 strips of cardboard 11" long

-4 strips of cardboard 8.5" long 


-Hot glue gun

Here are some other items that are required but not shown in the image:

-2 lamps

-3 sheets of 8.5" x 11" white paper 


-A camera 

-A tripod 

Step 2: The Frames

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Take two 11" cardboard strips and two 8.5" cardboard strips and from a rectangle. I used my hot glue gun to stick the strips together. 
Now, take one of your paper and stick in on top of the cardboard. I used hot glue once again.
Now just make one more. 

Step 3: The Setup

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To setup your "photo studio," take both your cardboard frames and lay them against a wall as shown in the picture.    
Now take your final sheet of paper and Tape it in between both of the papers. If you need any assistance, just look at the second image.   
Now just take your two lamps and position one at each side. 

Step 4: The Picture

Picture of The Picture

To take the best photo possible, switch your camera to macro mode. It's that little flower button. Again, if you need assistance, just look at the image provided. 
Also, make sure that all additional lighting if off and only your lamps are producing the light. Make sure that the flash on your camera is off and assure that it is mounted on a tripod. 
Now just press the shutter button and presto! You've got yourself some better pictures. 


Boryca1 (author)2014-09-21

Great help. Thank soon much!

Boryca1 (author)2014-09-21

Great help. Thank soon much!

SicilianMafia (author)2010-09-15

I made a light box about a month ago out of an egg box.

That sounds interesting!

Here's a sample on how I recently used my egg box light box.

Thats a great photo, try using the three point lighting system:
By using this, you could get rid of the shadow.

Yeah, i know about the 3 point lighting system, but when I took the photo, I only had one light source with me. I constructed the light box to accommodate for a 3 point lighting (like an actual light box).

i see. Great idea!

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