Step 4:

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This burns fast and hot! It will last a few hours and can be hotter then sterno and more “pocket friendly”. Making a few of these at a time will quickly show its value.

Wow, what an easy idea, and I bet a few of these in your pack could last a good while. I wonder though, how is the best way to put it out, and can it be lit again?
bpaul33 years ago
us hoboes call this a "squat candle"....
jray43 years ago
So... Did anyone try the crayola wax method? I'm curious if they'll work as well.
I suppose the dollar store's candles would be just as good!
amesj3 years ago
i only have one question how would you cook something on it? would you use the hotdog and stick method? and how exactly could you boil water with it? Great idea by the way. In just want to know how i could use it.
tjesse (author)  amesj3 years ago
Think of this more like a gas range in a kitchen and less of a grill. You could grill hotdogs on it if you wanted to, but a campfire would work better for that. This is a sterno alternative so you use a sterno stove or a hobo style stove. Folding sterno stoves are cheap but the fuel is not, so I made my own.
Would melting crayons work as well?
yes crayons work.
awesome thank you.
Lt.Greg3 years ago
Tjesse - Nice ibble - I've seen it before but its always nice to teach things like this to new people. I have a question however - how do you know that this burns hotter than an alcohol stove? Do you have empiracal evidence, or is it hear-say?   Not trying to be smart just wondering if its been fact-checked.
Good job though,
Thank yoiu
gburnaska3 years ago
how much smoke? can I use this as a heater when living in my car during the winters?
tjesse (author)  gburnaska3 years ago
I have not noticed any smoke, but I know that there must be a little. I wouldn't light it in any enclosed area.
Tim Temple3 years ago
This can be pocket unfriendly if you blow it out and stuff it in your pocket! It needs to cool down.
jerry66653 years ago
very cool!!!! i'll try this one- it's easy, quick and perfect for packing safely. thanks!