Better Then "the Raven" or Annoy-a-tron.... Free!!!





Introduction: Better Then "the Raven" or Annoy-a-tron.... Free!!!

Here i will tell you in 3 simple steps on how to use the mosquito, a program that is for your cell phone and cost absolutely no money!!!

(this is my first ible) :D

Step 1: Grab Your Cell Phone

Firstly, you need your cell phone it HAS to play .MP3, .WAV, .M4R (Iphone/Itouch) or ogg

Step 2: Go to the Website!

Next you go to this website choose your format you want to download

Step 3: Download to Your Pc... Then Connect Your Cell Phone to Computer

ok now for the last step all you have to do it download the frequency and format you want to your computer and then connect your itouch/phone or other usb cell phone... or micro sd card.... move to your cell phone and there you go!! :D :D The frequency's I recommended are 8kHz, 10kHz, 12kHz and 14kHz.... yes any body can hear them even tho is says that 22kHz can only be heard by 20 and under well 5 people 21 and over in my house could hear it... but the ones listed are very high pitched and are annoying :D..... So there you go 3 easy steps to get the raven or annoy-a-tron any where you want with an on and off switch and adjustable volume and different frequency.

There you go
Lots of love

***(all credit goes to***



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    It's not just the "mosquito" tone itself. try different frequencies above 16000 Hz on people to see which one to use, then just search for a tone of that frequency.

     It's good to know someone is actually getting the word out on this mosquito ringtone. I've stumbled upon the website a while back, and the first time I tried the 22kHz one, my eyes instantly started to water cause of the pain. I asked many people my age if they could hear it, and they couldn't. So it really does work.

    I hate this people on my bus play it to annoy other people

    that noise kinda hurts and its annoying

    for some reason i um.. enjoy it

    sadly its not free for me because i dont have a cellphone and dont feel like buying one, cool though

    Then you wouldn't need this at all - the service itself is free.