This an instructable on how to make your own throwing spikes.

Step 1: Get Supply's

*Wire cutters
*Mill File or other metal file
*Metal Cloths hanger (sorry I had already cut it apart and was to lazy to get anther one)
*Bright spray paint (optional)


A hanger... that's like what, 10gauge wire? about as dangerous as throwing a pencil or pen? Thanks for the work on the instructible, but kinda lame. How about this: Pick up/find some threaded rod or just steel rod, use a cutting wheel to cut it into 4-6" lengths, then a bench grinding wheel to sharpen the end. You can stick these in solid wood far enough to be hard to pull back out. just a thought. never gonna be a ninja with 10 gauge wire. some coins in your pocket are as good considering all it's going to do is distract :)
Anything can be very deadly with a drop of poison, that's why small sharp objects were used, they were just easy to conceal and easy to carry items that were effective at delivering poison.
I just buy bamboo skewers and fire harden the tips... Fast and easy, and you get a lot of them. They are also very long and good for long ranged throwing.
Interesting. . . this could probably made in jail with out any tools and dipped in poison.
reebock sux anyway lol
Yeah compared to the new balance I run in now they were horrible!
thats ginius
don't forget to plus it
<a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.instructables.com/">http://www.youtube.com/</a>to throw it go to <a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.youtube.com/">http://www.youtube.com/</a> and type in how to throw a screw driver and it will show u there <br/>
thats a friggin screwdriver wtf
it is still the same mehtod i tried it mee self !!!!!!
dont listen to him make them longer more like 7 in and ill tell u how to throw it at the end
try using a bench grinder for sharpening. it's more convenient and faster than some metal file. and if you can, try "roughing up" the "sides" of yer senbon shuriken (by either makin it rougher or grinding it to form an octagonal, hexagonal, etc sided spike)- this serves its purpose during the throw so that there'lll be more friction (since the spike's LESS smooth) and thus less spin while it flies. i think this is why the ninja wrap lacquered paper/ string around their shuriken (esp. kunai, darts, and other types where the pointy end is heavier)- so that the end part will "catch" your hand while you release it, and this lessens the spin of yer spike. okaaaaaaay, so im not ninja master and for all of you out there who are, feel free to correct me. imma try postin some of my shuriken creations here next time. hehe Au revoir Peace Out.
all right i'm correcting you. senban shuriken are hira shuriken and are lozenge shaped, or more like a square with crescents cut out. senbon as you're trying to use it means 1000 needles, there were never anything called senbon shuriken. whats described in this article is a similar variety to the ikku ryu shuriken but not as large. as for the wrapped paper and string there is less rotation but this is due to the fingers brushing against the paper or string and not friction from the air. kunai weren't thrown often and usually the wrapping was to use it as a flail called a kunai fundo, this is a different kunai though the one you see in naruto is basically made up.
the ones in naruto are used as gardening tools really, and i thought these weapons that are in this instructable and called bo shuriken, ah well
your spikes arnt much better than the others thay are to light the spike i use in shows is a 10in long peace of 3/8in rount bar sharpend to a point at both ends i can hit the targit at 9 yards away
i also throw knives and hawks (throwing axes)
lol I can do those, but I prefer stars, more accurate and lighter. Knives are ok, as liong as they are balanced right for throwing.
stars can hard to thorw cuz they curve in the air
not if they are properly weighted, have a hole in the center and you throw them right
tomahawks (sp) are funnn...
My older brither throws knives in the kitchen floor all the time!!!
To Robotrix, i give it a thumbs up
i ave got to say that this is by FAR!!!!one of the e-zest fastest good Throwing Spikes not to sat that it is not very costly this = me loveing it<br/>
crap i forgot to say you should add a little bolt or something at one of the ends to make fly strater
there supposed to spin and be able to enter your target from ether end
this is cool,but instead of using spray paint electrical tape works too, you might also want to try using the thickest coat hanger you can find
Nice - I plan to make some <sup>.</sup> thanks for the tut<br/>
wait, do you throw it with flipping it or do you just throw it dart like with no flip?
Terrible how urs better eh? F
man thats awesome,im gona try this tomorw.
....so you throw it like a dart?
No. darts are thrown like darts, spikes are different. hold the spike between your index and middle finger. Don't grip, just let it lie in your palm. Now hurl at target overhand. Remember it will flip and take this into consideration. short distances ate done with a direct throw, no flips.
yeah pretty much
no the other ones had heavier backs and these have 2 points and the other ones had one point so you needed to be more precise with the amount of spin
I don't think this instructable is any better, or really, any different from the first throwing spike instructable. You're both just filing points on wire hangers and throwing them. Thumbs down.
i commented on the other instructable so i figure ill say it again. Coat hangers are low carbon steel. IE: not ideal for tools. really useless for tools actually. Although this design and execution is far better than the other throwing spikes. Way to go on improving an existing design.
i wouldn't say that a toy throwing spike is really a tool. I seriously doubt you're going to see a performance improvement by increasing the carbon content of your wire hanger. If you were making something that needs to hold an edge, then yes.
I was being sarcastic but I'll try it soon
I'm not going to post a picture of a kid with a metal rod stuck in his back (besides he wouldn't stay still long enough to get a photo)
did it stand up in his back?
i actually love this instructable because its simple but effective so i guve it an a+
How is it effective? It's throwing metal rods into a shoebox.
If you're going to say someone else's project sucks, at least learn how to spell while in the process of chastitizing.
Or even (at the very least)... build it - don't just read it and come to this conclusion... Then, if you want to say it 'sucks' -- say why - and why your design is better ;) F for not using macro setting.

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