Step 5: Sketch Out Your Composition

This will give you some idea of where you're going to be putting your major blocks of color.

Think about what the focal point of your painting will be. You can establish the focal point by its position, its color or its size.

I like to do this part with watercolor pencils. That way, my pencil marks will melt and ultimately disappear into my painting. I look like a friggen freehand painting genius.
Love that tree painting, and especially the phrase, &quot;for a seascape, put the blue stripe at the bottom&quot; LMAO<br> <br> A small battery-powered fan (or an electric hairdryer, those travel ones that fold up totally rock) works well to dry the layers. When I work in acrylics, I use extenders, and if I waited for them to dry on their own I'd wander off and lose interest in my painting, so an electric hairdryer is part of my acrylic toolkit. But there are small, quiet fans you can slip in the art bag, and they work great on watercolors. Those &quot;personal fan&quot; things you can pick up for a buck or two, not so good for personal cooling, but good for watercolors!<br> <br> A gold or silver fine point sharpie is also a nice touch, in addition to the black. Go ahead - gild that lily, or at least the outline.
Thanks.<br><br>I like the idea of using the metallic marker too. Very Klimpt-esque.
Thank you for this Ideal and I love this tree, laying on my back looking through a tree was a favorite thing to do, but due to age... I haven't done it in a long time... I'm adding it to my to do list.
I've done this and have some nice watercolors of the Caribbean and the Pacific coast - with actual sand, which sticks to gouache nicely, for the beach.
Great idea. I'll have to try that.
Very good no-nonsense primer!
You have some cool paintings! nice work.
Nice! Any good artist should be able to mix their own colors, so really the pro paints don't have any advantage

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