This is not a perfect magazine but it is way better then killer6's mag.

Step 1: Walls for Magazine.



1) make these

2) make these

Step 2: Attach



1)attach like so

2)attach other piece to other side

3)click two white rodes on the black Y pieces so you trap the bendy yellow rode in.

Step 3: Attach to Gun




2)click together like in picture

Step 4: Bullet Pusher-uper

Bullet pusher-uper


1)make this

2)put in magazine

Put elastic around it so it will stay there


Like I said this is not the best magazine but if you want a really good one then screw the bent mag and just make a straight one.

Plz comment and have fun building.
did killer6 quit or something because i cant seem to find him anywhere =S
miles, its killer 6 not killerk
Where IS KILLERK's MP5? I haven't seen it
and killer6's mp5k is one of the ibles mepain favorited.
Killerk did not make an mp5k, Killer6 did.
He said killer6's MP5K, lol, Killerk doesn't have an MP5, or an MP5K.
2 bent
and...errrr how do u make the rest?
defenetly NOTa waist of time
ya!im your 1st comment um...........ya it was way better than killer6's mag but im gona go ahead and use a straight one . lol
what can you use to replace those blue and back connector things on the pusher upper thing
It looks like that magazine would work 1/10 shots :-(
nope it works really good
Hmm... I might actually make this gun later and find out.
Nice! Check out my gun! <a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/MS021/">https://www.instructables.com/id/MS021/</a><br/>
stop spamming!!!!!
To be honest with you. When I posted my slideshow 3 days ago, it still is not up on this site. Wtf?
Because instructables is a big site, with people submitting instructables every few minutes. It can take awhile for the instructable to show up.
Really? You really think that this "see the pictures" style instructable without pictures is nice? Or are you just saying nice so that it does not appear that you are merely spamming to get people to know about your new slide show?
Well said!
uh no they just all deleted so i put them back on
Can you make one without the bendys?
Why R there no pics?
wtf i dont know y there r no pics all my instructable pics are gone

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