Better Than Chicken Nuggets





Introduction: Better Than Chicken Nuggets

Yeah I know I'm being bold with the title, but I mean what I say. I'll have these beauties over fast food and store bought any day >:)


2 Chicken Breast (Boneless and Skinless)

1/2 cup cornstarch

2 eggs

1 tsp. salt

1/2 tsp. black pepper

6 Tbsps. flour

1 tsp. baking powder

1/4 cup vegetable oil

Step 1: The Set Up

Have 2 Bowls ready. One for the cornstarch and the other one with the flour, salt, black pepper, baking powder, and eggs mixed together and set aside.

Cut the chicken breast into cubes/bite size pieces and pat dry with a paper towel.

Step 2: Dredge, Shake, Dredge

Coat the chicken pieces in the cornstarch *Do this a few at a time so they don't stick together

Remove excess cornstarch. I find it easier to use a strainer for this.

Dredge all the chicken pieces in the egg mixture

Now lets Cook!!

Step 3: Fry Em Up

Heat the oil, on medium, in a large frying pan.

Once its heated through, place the chicken pieces One by One and Spaced Out so they don't stick together

Fry one side till golden brown (3-5min) then flip and fry the other side

Serve Warm :)

*Make sure when you are frying, to wear long sleeves. Oil will fly*

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a fun little recipe if you stay on top of the frying bit, burnt some on accident but tasted pretty good with ketchup to mask the burnt tang the rest pretty good, but no complaints yet! great chickenstructable! ?


It helps the batter stick. You could sub it out with flour if you'd rather not use the cornstarch. The batter won't want to stick as well without some kind of dry surface to cling to.


3 years ago

Can I deep fry them??


4 years ago

made these last week and they were great, wife decided to try it last night with strips of cube steak and it was AWESOME!!! great recipe, cant wait to tey it with other meats, especially deer and fish

Nice to try this "Better than chicken".How about substituting turkey breast meat instead in bite sizes?Have you tried it? Me not yet.

Pplayed with extra herbs n spices in the batter and tried it on fish like cod as well. Very yum! Good herbs to consider are sage and thyme or smoked paprika.


4 years ago

yum! could you cook them in a deep fryer?

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We did it in a deep fryer tonight, it was delicious!

Thanks for sharing!

Made these last night. They were fantastic. Maybe my breasts were large but two chicken breasts seem to go a lot further. Depending on sides would probably feed at least six people!

Comes for us all. In time, he will visit us all when our time on this plane of existence is done. Our families will weep, our friends will rally to remember the good times...

When you made nuggets, from a recipie you found on the Internet.

Well said! My nuggets will not involve another creature's life though. : )he batter looks great! Perhaps for use on something like veggie tempurah(?)

I agree seems that could have been taken care of a bit nicer. I wonder what he thinks about the fact that veggies are alive too and it has been shown that they put off signs feelings as well. Though no brain waves I guess. In other info though; I am thinking this might be good on some fried veggies as well. After all we have to eat and I love me some meat and veggies!

Animals have highly developed nervous systems, similar to people's, so they can feel pain, stress and anxiety in the same way people do.
Now some plants are able to signal to their peers certain information about their surroundings. But really this is not at all the same thing.There is absolutely no evidence saying a broccoli feels pain when you harvest it, nor does it feel anxiety every day of it's growth cycle because of the farmer's treatment of it.

Well, I have relatives that are farmers that will argue reasons why certain animals do not feel pain as well. I also have a friend's friend that is a Paster (at a large church) that says God won't let them feel pain when being slaughtered for food because God said that we can eat them. No one can prove them wrong either. Doesn't make them right, but never met an animal that could tell me they were wrong. BTW:
"DALLAS--Research scientists at Baylor Medical Center have proven that plants, including vegetables, feel pain when subjected to trauma such as being yanked out of the ground, peeled, cooked, and eaten. "Veggies and plants initiate a massive hormone and chemical barrage internally when they suffer any kind of injury," says professor Barry Lindzer. "This response is akin to the nerve response and endorphin release when an animal is injured. We cannot ignore the similarities."
There ARE several researchers out there claiming that they CAN and DO feel pain and they can prove it. Doesn't mean they are right, but they might be. I don't know everything. Honestly, I don't know if I know anything.. ask my fiancee. Yet, No one on here knows everything or they would be posting Instructables on curing cancer and the like.
All I am saying is that the person (rolffz) could have been more kind in his delivery of his beliefs. He wouldn't want us all going on his things and calling him out for something against our beliefs.

Hey y'all I'll just first say that I am sorry if I came off negatively to some of you. I apologize.

We are all entitled to believe and live the way we choose and I am very grateful for that as I am sure everyone here is too.

I promise to post more positive and accepting info and some really great recipes and ideas, since I believe I have some great contributions here. I only ask that I receive the same respect regardless if I am vegan, vegetarian or whatever any of us choose to be in our lives.

peace/love to all of you!

Someone told me once: "do you imagine that if the carrot will have legs, it won't run?" :)


I want to be the first to apologize to you. I started of in more of a joking/teasing matter and it seems that perhaps I have come off as a jerk as I have tried to just state an opinion. I hope to catch your recipes and look forward to trying them. I have several vegan friends (and my oldest daughter too) and they have introduced me to many fabulous foods that I might not have tried otherwise. I wish I could just go back and laugh to myself and not have said anything at this point. Sorry if anyone was offended or anyone took me more serious than I had meant to be. I really believe your comments were meant in the same jesting mood and if not then I don't want to know. Happy thoughts and open thinking to all.