The Beverage Appliance dispenses a mixture of any four liquids.

The Beverage Appliance is controlled via web interface.

The controller is composed of a Raspberry Pi, a relay, and a custom relay controller.

The image of modified Raspberry Pi software is available here:

The image includes the relay controller software, the web interface.

The Beverage Appliance is created from off-the-shelf parts with some 3D printed parts. These parts are also available here:

Lead Engineer: Rick Valdez
Appliance Engineers: Erick Perez, Rick Valdez
Software Engineers: Mike Bosch, Jimmy Pino, Serdar Karatekin

Step 1: The Web Interface

This is the Web Interface loaded from the Raspberry Pi.
<p>this is genious.. i been meaning to do this myself and actually got this liquor dispenser for christmas. thanks for sharing this</p>
<p>Thank you mstyle183</p>
Hi, <br> <br>Good tutorial. I cannot see the final Spigot in git though? <br> <br>Thanks
Good catch lucasmeister - refresh your git and you'll see it there.
Great thanks - it's there now. <br> <br>One other thing. Looks like spigot bracket 03A is the same as spigot bracket 03B? <br> <br>I'm presuming I need one of A and one of C? <br> <br>Cheers
Yes, B slipped in there.
Thanks :) <br> <br>Is there another name for these 11mm duck valves? Where can I get them?
CA glue is weakened by liquid over time. May want to look into a 2 part epoxy.. LocTite makes a 2 part solid epoxy for p;lumbers that should work well. <br> <br>Great Instructible! Makes me wanna learn electronics so I can make it :-)
Thanks for the tip xd12c. We're working on simplifying the electronics. We'll post an update once it's ready.
Great Instructable. Although I am resourceful, a complete parts list all in one place would be great. Like a list of ingredients for your awesome instructable!!! Thank you very much!
thank you rdubtheleo - we're putting together such a list and will add it to the Instructable.
thank you rdubthleo - we're putting together such a list and will add it to the Instructable.
I have been looking for a this valve (gravity feed) for over a year!!!! THANK YOU!!!! <br> <br>And GREAT tutorial. I may do something similar when I get my printer.
those are called hose clamps
Thank you Jackricci
Great Project! <br> <br>Thank you for sharing.
Thank you Beingobserver!

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