DIY Fake Nails: Beverage Can Nails





Introduction: DIY Fake Nails: Beverage Can Nails

Have you ever loved a drink so much that you wanted to show it on your nails?
Anyways I'll show you how to get this awesome nails so you can go and show them off at that party tonight. Believe it or not some cans have really cool designs that look stunning on your fingers (:
And the best part: you only need a can,some scissors and half hour to do them!

Step 1: Get Your Stuff!

Find your scissors.
Now run to the corner store and get a nice pretty can. I really like Arizona tea cans.. specially the checkered ones, such as the raspberry or the half&half kind.
In this case I grabbed some Heineken I had in the fridge.. they have a nice texture too (:
Don't forget to empty the can and rinse it with water.

Optional: Xacto knife or cutter to help with cutting through the can.

Step 2: Cut, Cut, Cut!

Be careful with this step, the can will be sharp and you can cut yourself. Ask for help if you need it, okay?
Remove the top and the bottom of the can and discard them.. or use them in another project (:
Now flatten the sheet of aluminum with the corner of a table.. this is optional but I find it easier working with a nice flat sheet.
Also I recommend removing the ugly edges to avoid accidents.

Step 3: Pick Your Design

Decide what part of the can you want on you nail or nails. I find it easier to cut a strip wide enough to be the length of the final nail and then cut it to little pieces that fit the width of my nail (if you find this confusing, look at the pictures).
You don't necessarily need to cut it in big strips, you can pick a random nice part (for example the red star) and make a nail from that. Just make sure that it is big enough to fit your nail.

Step 4: Bend It!

Now that you have your little soon-to-be-nail piece bend it a little with the edge of a table (as illustrated) to give it some curvature so they fit better on your nail.
Be sure to test if it fits nicely and correct the curvature according to your nail.

Step 5: Shape It So It Fits

Shape the bottom and sides of the fake nail so it fits yours.
Firstly remove the sharp corners. Place it on your nail and cut it accordingly.
Cut little by little and check constantly if it fits.

Step 6: Cut It to the Appropriate Length

Cut it so its just a little longer than you want it to be and shape it so it looks good. This is matter of personal preference.
Once you've done this.. you are done!
Now do the same for the rest of your nails (:
You'll get better with every nail and do it faster every time.

Step 7: Show Off!

Use some special glue for fake nails to glue them and you're done!
Go ahead, take pictures, post them here, on Facebook, show them off to your friends, go to a party, school, go and get some groceries just to show them off.

Try lots and lots of cans and save the barcodes! They make awesome nails.
Have fun! :D

PS. You can coat them with a clear nail polish to protect them from scratches.

And please leave a comment with any idea, question or pictures that you might have.
By the way.. this is my first instructable, so any comments regarding the instructions and explanation are really appreciated.



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I going to make this soon. I really like this idea. How did you come up with it?

Really awesome way for fast fake nails when you don't have any.

I have used it a couple of times, & each time it has given me flawless nails.

Thank You.

Can I file them down and round them off a bit with a regular nail file?? Or do

I have to get some kind of special metal sandpaper?

Emery paper would work best, as the metal would likely damage your nail file. You can purchase emery paper/cloth at your local hardware store in the sanding section or painting section :)

This looks cool and all but one good bump at the wrong angle and those things can...hurt you..