Picture of DIY Fake nails: Beverage can nails

Have you ever loved a drink so much that you wanted to show it on your nails?
Anyways I'll show you how to get this awesome nails so you can go and show them off at that party tonight. Believe it or not some cans have really cool designs that look stunning on your fingers (:
And the best part: you only need a can,some scissors and half hour to do them!

Step 1: Get your stuff!

Picture of Get your stuff!

Find your scissors.
Now run to the corner store and get a nice pretty can. I really like Arizona tea cans.. specially the checkered ones, such as the raspberry or the half&half kind.
In this case I grabbed some Heineken I had in the fridge.. they have a nice texture too (:
Don't forget to empty the can and rinse it with water.

Optional: Xacto knife or cutter to help with cutting through the can.
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precious20044 months ago
What kind of glue did u use

This looks cool and all but one good bump at the wrong angle and those things can...hurt you..


Teya sparkle7 months ago
Thanks, it's awesome
Sandra 268 months ago
How do you cut them lol
Bstarlover1811 months ago

but wait once you've applied them how can you remove them? (i used superglue) im scared!!!! lol

Heres a quick tip for the future, never use super glue on your nails. Its extrememly damaging, and hard to remove. But if you haven't gotten them off yet, soak your nails in a small container with 100% acetone for a while, then it should come off. Next time, I recommend either nail glue, or a gel nail polish. Hope this helps! :)

pfisk31 year ago
thank you so much for this! it's an awesome look and so easy to do!!
chubler1 year ago
Awesome looking yes but won't you cut yourself.?
iamKENZiE2 years ago
This is extremely hard and the edges of the nail did not stick easily even with super glue. Maybe some cans are thicker than others. I used a monster can.
sabu.dawdy2 years ago
hatter422 years ago
I just did these with a green tea Arizona can and they turned out amazing! Thank you so much for the tutorial.
ladylissa2 years ago
I think embed mine into a bit of clear acrylic or gel for added strength and for my husbands safety! lol Awesome idea! Thanks for the tutorial!
If I do, I will post the results on my blog! http://tarotladylissa.blogspot.com/ I will give you credit for the idea too!
elimasmx (author)  ladylissa2 years ago
Glad you liked them! Clear acrylic is a really good idea as the nails get damaged fairly easy. Thanks!
Whitefield2 years ago
can it be removed by acetone or do i need to put on some special type of glue?
Tomahawk922 years ago
So i'm a guy and will probably never do this....... But this is awesome..... really lol idk why, but i love it lol
MellieJLove3 years ago
Could you use nail glue to keep them on?
Sorry, I only saw special glue. Sometimes I read too fast and skip things.
elimasmx (author)  MellieJLove2 years ago
Nail glue is all good (:
iOskr3 years ago
Ohhhh really great work!!! I like it... Now you need a heineken earrings as such :
heineken earrings.png
elimasmx (author)  iOskr2 years ago
Yes! They would look nice.
IRISHIZ3 years ago

Aluminum is soft, how durable
are they?

Its a cure for nailbiters & nose
pickers too :)
sabu.dawdy3 years ago
really very clever .. lolxx... well i am new in this nail art field .. but i must say.. this was an awsomeee instructable
elimasmx (author)  sabu.dawdy3 years ago
Thank you!
paqrat3 years ago
Clever idea and very good instructable. Clear instructions and good photos. I think you did your first instructable quite well .
elimasmx (author)  paqrat3 years ago
Thanks, I really appreciate it (:
Shapes99 paqrat3 years ago
THIS IS SO COOL. PERIOD. but yours turned out so GOOD and when i tried it was an epic fail. i can post a pic but it turned out really badly. oh well, it looks g0od on you! :)
elimasmx (author)  themadjeweler3 years ago
Keep trying! I'm sure you'll be able to do it (:
Crucio3 years ago
Wow, they came out fantastically! I'm going to make my next gf try that. :p
elimasmx (author)  Crucio3 years ago
Oh yes, and tell her to scratch your head with those. It feels awesome!
Anybody see the potential here? "Holy Coke-nails, Batman!"
elimasmx (author)  Lt. Duct Tape3 years ago
Shapes993 years ago
That is a very clever idea, i don't like the look of my short nails. They keep peeling so i try to hide them. Thanks for the idea i might try them sometime soon.
Ubastank3 years ago
I absolutely love these, nobody in my house is a big drinker though, so now i need to find a can....
Great instructable ;)
Awesome!!! Does your cuticle ever get rubbed excessively or cut, being near the tin/aluminum?
elimasmx (author)  Miscelinious3 years ago
I've never had that problem, maybe because I don't use them for a long time.
I don't really like using fake nails in general and I usually wear my nails short. SO yeah, the max I have worn these nails is for a day.
Anyways I don't think that getting your cuticles damaged would be a problem unless you wear them for a long time.

Thanks for your comment! (:
klimb3 years ago
Will cutting them be enough to remove any sharp edges or would filing be a little helpful? Great Idea!
elimasmx (author)  klimb3 years ago
If you feel that they are a little too sharp you can use some sand paper to smooth out the edges, but I don't really find it necessary.
Thanks for your comment (:
80$man3 years ago
Good work! very nice use of the beer can's curvature!

PS. I would like to know the typical thickness of american beer/soda cans wall thickness? I know SAB/Milleris the 2nd largest brewary worldwide and would like or compare their cans to international ones (a little side project...). Any replies welcome!
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