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These bots are all dangerous!
They came over me with full force. I did not expect them to be this powerful. Hopefully they all lose their energy very soon ... ;-)

Step 1: What you need

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It helps a lot if you own many many things that you got out of old electronic devices. I used motors from old XBOX gamepads to make the robots shake ... and move. I used old motors from useless floppy disk drives to build a the crawler.
out of old pc mainboards I got battery holders and 3V button batteries. Also LEDs or resistors could be sourced out of old electronic parts.
To make the radio controlled mover I bought a bunch of radio controlled mini cars. I got 27Mhz and 40Mhz cars so that I can guide two robots at the same time.
ReKa7 years ago

the "Räucherkerzen" on top of the pumpkin head are called "incense". The smoke of it is also called incense.

frickelkram (author)  ReKa7 years ago
Thank you for the information!
frickelkram (author) 7 years ago
Today, I added a new step to show some new aspects, after the party ...
Darkshot7 years ago
FRICKIN SWEET!! im makin "the crawler" as soon as i can i just need to buy some parts.....YAY!! so excited :P
frickelkram (author)  Darkshot7 years ago
Thank's a lot! But try to DON'T buy the parts ... Nearly everything I used I got out of old electronic devices. As you can see in the description ... some motors are from a XBOX gamepad. The crawler's motors are from old 3,5 floppy disc drives. I think you should be able to find some without the need to pay anything.
The crawler is really easy to build ... but I think he is a little bit to brutal! He nearly broke my digicam!! :-)
lol i saw the digicam vid lol that was funny! enyway i think i'll buy them enyway because they need to be the same speed for maximum rideage plus i took apart everything i have that has a motor and used it ;( thanks for the cool instructable!!
awoodcarver7 years ago
Good reuse of old parts ,Very Cool! I do science projects with kids at my sons school and seldom buy anything new ...the district has a junk yard that has lots of old computers and other reusable treasures....now to find some pumpkin heads
darkmuskrat7 years ago
I might not be able to sleep tonight... "Ah, what was that!"
Kaiven7 years ago
i like the crawler...