Step 3: The Smoker

Picture of The Smoker
The Smoker uses much the same construction as "The Headbanger". I tried to avoid the soft legs and gave him legs that are made of springs that I got from old floppy disc drives. When I was finished and switched him one he just turned around, he did not move. The legs where to "equal". To make him move I made the legs different by attaching some rubber and a wheel.
I did not use a Goldap here but a 3V button cell battery that I took from an old pc mainboard, including the battery holder.
On his nice cloak he got some fluorescent pieces ... sadly this can not be seen on the video ...
On the top of his head he has what we call "Räucherhütchen" in German. I don't know what this is calle d in English, maybe one of you can help me.
Sadly also the smoke cannot be seen on the video and it is really loss that videos don't smell :-)

ReKa7 years ago

the "Räucherkerzen" on top of the pumpkin head are called "incense". The smoke of it is also called incense.