The BiPed robot V-3 was designed to get as close to the freedom of movement of the human lower body, it has 12 degrees of freedom. The frame is made of acryl-sheets and model servos are used as actuators.

For now the robot is controlled via PC, autonomous behaviour when development finished. The software allows to generate motion-patterns, replay them and view actual sensor data.

Used sensors are a two-axis accelerometer for the orientation of the hip and four force-sensing resistors at the bottom of each footplate. A kind of torque feedback of the servos is realized by measuring the driving signal of the servo motor.

Further information at www.austrobots.com.

Step 1: Framework

The framework is made of acryl sheets. The parts get cut by a CNC milling machine, the first parts for testing were cut with a fretsaw.

The actuators integrated in the framework are servos used in RC-modeling. In general one servo is responsible for one degree of freedom. For a better mechanical stability two servos (at the top) are combined for lifting each leg. The servos actuating the footplate are working parallel.

<p>What force sensing resistors did you use? I've been doing a little work with them and finding that getting a consistent reading with them is a little bit of a challenge. </p>
<p>Great Design! Would love to see more!</p>
I am planning to buy a new DC motor driver board which can run 5amp motor but I don't know how to connect it with Atmega 8A chip. Please see the pdf I attached for Atmega 8A.<br> <br> Here are the 7 pins in DC motor controller:-<br> <br> Pin No. Pin Functionality<br> 1 GND Ground<br> 2 IN-1 Logic input for the motor direction.<br> 3 Diagnostic 1<br> (DG-1) Output pin with logic 1 output in normal operation. Represents side of the internal<br> H bridge corresponding to IN-1. Pin is pulled to logic low by the motor driver in<br> case of over temperature or overload due to short circuit.<br> 4 PWM Used to apply Pulse Width Modulation to control motor velocity<br> 5 Diagnostic 2<br> (DG-2) Output pin with logic 1 output in normal operation. Represents side of the internal<br> H bridge corresponding to IN-2. Pin is pulled to logic low by the motor driver in<br> case of over temperature or overload due to short circuit.<br> 6 IN-2 Logic input for the motor direction.<br> 7 CS* Current Sense output to measure the current flowing through the driver
yes schematic please
Reminds me of the Walker thing from robocop :P
Sell it ti the military :P I don't see why they cant do this on a larger scale ,and make a walker.
Calibration :P no point in making a multi million dollar walker if it constantly trips and falls :3
lol yeah, but if there were a pilot maybe controlled kinda like in teh avatar movie... it could be possible some day.
and yet none of you see the flaw, too many parts+ too many hing points+ small peice of shrapnel = dead robot :/
addtionally to that, there would be too much maintenace necessary to make it an effective design during &quot;in-field&quot; use. at the present time this concept (the walker in general) presents too many complexities and complications, and is easily superceded by its wheeled counterparts, due to the relative ease of maintenance, and lack of complexity.
Yeah but... but... mechs are so awesome. <br>
I suppose. their could be a covering you know.
it would need ALOT of gyroscopes and it would need to move faster.
Can You post the cnc files?
Ummm...... Why are you posting this instructable? This is a kit that you can buy... not something you just create... Also, I saw the main picture... in a book about buying robots.. Plz don't post a kit as something you designed
You are right, you saw the main picture in a book from Daniel Ichbiah (ISBN3896602764, german ed.) because I provided it. Why should he mention my name in the paragraph next to the picture ?<br> <br> Your false accusation is incredible ! Why don't you simply ask before writing such nonsense !<br> <br> However, would be nice If you could tell me where I am able to buy a kit of my robot ... possible because the design exists since 2001 ...
I'm not being a &quot;knowitall&quot; but look up military walker suit on google. they have made a suit to wear that can lift thousands of pounds.(=
little slow but not bad for a biped
nice robot <br>
how much does it cost to make one of those?
&nbsp;thats amazing!! how many servos did you use??
I'm really interested in this design.&nbsp; Is there any way you'd make it open-source and release all the part files?&nbsp; I will soon have access to a CNC machine, and I've love to build this!&nbsp; I'd even be willing to pay a small fee for the blueprints, but free would be nice :)<br />
<pre>thats cool how long did it take you to think and to make it?</pre>
i have access to a<a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.plasmacam.com/indexfla.php">plasmacam</a> plasma cutter can u post the blueprints of all the plates<br/>
good work ! :D
I will buy it for 200 dollars
I agree with the other comments, the idea behind instructables is to show others how they can do the same as you, I bet if you improve this you could get a lot of votes.
What 's version is this? IS vb2008 or vb2005 vb2003 !!!!
VB Code? Pseudo code? Algorithms?
Would need blue prints of some time with dimensions to actually construct this.
AWESOME! it's a sumo wrestler. It is extremely difficult to build a biped with such balance. You need to patent this.
make a humanoid
how about I just say this and walk away AMAZING!!!
me want details!!!! I really want to build this!!!!
amazing project please post more info!!!! I really want to make something like this I'll vote for u if you post up a nice instructable.....
nice robot, poor instructable!
I have to agree Great Bi-Ped but poor instructable. Need more information to remake it. GWJax
full project and make please :) plans, code and whatnot if possible ;)
very nice
I was going to vote for this, but you should really add some more details to this instructable, like servos, wires etc. so that other members and users can make they're own.

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