... Do you want to have a nice Christmas mood, without endangering the local fauna and flora?
... Wouldn't be nice to have a Christmas tree that shows your love for nature and knowledge?
... Do you have a big collection of books stashed away somewhere, collecting dust?

Your problems are solved! Now you can do your own Bibliophile's Christmas Tree!
(inspired by http://scarletrune.tumblr.com/post/14055291117/a-bibliophiles-christmas-tree)

So, clear up some floor space, put some nice Jazz music to give that extra Christmas mood, and lets start!

Step 1: Collect and Pile the Books by Size

Go around the house and collect as many books as you can find, with all sizes and dimensions. Don't underestimate the power of a book :) as for my tree, I had around 100 books of all sizes to make a 1m (3 feet) book tree.

After you have them all close by, sort them by its dimensions (thickness, width and height) and make book piles of similar size, like on the picture.
<p>Great idea. Just saw this a few days ago and had a lot of books on hand from an auction so I thought I'd give it a go!</p>
Our book tree! Everything we used was free or up cycled. So our tree was completely free. We love it! I'll post a picture of it lit up when we get lights on it.
The star is a nice touch :0)
Would be very cool at our local library. You are one creative genius! I am wondering if &quot;cool to the touch&quot; Christmas lights might be a solution for the Christmas lite fire concern???
Also neat anywhere-not just the library.
What a nice instructable! We're gonna make one today in our school in Brazil, hopefully it'll work and I'll come back here to post a picture :)
That would be really cute in a Library or something
That is awesome! I was never really one to be involved in holiday stuff... But this is something I would certainly do.
Great and simple idea!
i love my tree, but il make a mini one for my room. YAY
i see you made the Chive, well done!<br>
This is so very clever! Thanks for sharing and have a very Merry Christmas!<br>Sunshiine
Even though I will stick to my real looking artificial tree, I applaud your creativity!<br><br>The final result looks great!

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