Picture of Bibliophile's Christmas Tree
... Do you want to have a nice Christmas mood, without endangering the local fauna and flora?
... Wouldn't be nice to have a Christmas tree that shows your love for nature and knowledge?
... Do you have a big collection of books stashed away somewhere, collecting dust?

Your problems are solved! Now you can do your own Bibliophile's Christmas Tree!
(inspired by http://scarletrune.tumblr.com/post/14055291117/a-bibliophiles-christmas-tree)

So, clear up some floor space, put some nice Jazz music to give that extra Christmas mood, and lets start!
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Step 1: Collect and pile the books by size

Picture of Collect and pile the books by size
Go around the house and collect as many books as you can find, with all sizes and dimensions. Don't underestimate the power of a book :) as for my tree, I had around 100 books of all sizes to make a 1m (3 feet) book tree.

After you have them all close by, sort them by its dimensions (thickness, width and height) and make book piles of similar size, like on the picture.

Step 2: Create the tree base

Picture of Create the tree base
Now that you have all your books nicely ordered, you have to quickly plan how big your tree will be.
We did not have many books (around 100), so we created a triangular base, using the widest and largest books available, but you can start with a square or wider base, if more books are available.

As you can see in the picture, pile the books in a triangular mode, so that each layer has the same altitude to the other books (add more than one book when necessary to have a symmetrical layer), and shifting the books so that they don't look like a wall, but look like tree leaves.

We decided to leave the titles of the books facing outwards, to give more color and display the books we have :)

Step 3: Pile 'Em Up!

Picture of Pile 'Em Up!
Now that you have a solid base, keep piling your books, following the same pattern as before: solid layers, keeping the height similar, but now try to use smaller and smaller books for each layer.
Our book tree! Everything we used was free or up cycled. So our tree was completely free. We love it! I'll post a picture of it lit up when we get lights on it.
13, 11:32 AM.jpg
The star is a nice touch :0)
Would be very cool at our local library. You are one creative genius! I am wondering if "cool to the touch" Christmas lights might be a solution for the Christmas lite fire concern???
Also neat anywhere-not just the library.
What a nice instructable! We're gonna make one today in our school in Brazil, hopefully it'll work and I'll come back here to post a picture :)
thevoid1 year ago
That would be really cute in a Library or something
JungleMugsy3 years ago
That is awesome! I was never really one to be involved in holiday stuff... But this is something I would certainly do.
uasmmx3 years ago
Great and simple idea!
syara203 years ago
i love my tree, but il make a mini one for my room. YAY
friger3 years ago
friger3 years ago
i see you made the Chive, well done!
sunshiine3 years ago
This is so very clever! Thanks for sharing and have a very Merry Christmas!
canucksgirl3 years ago
Even though I will stick to my real looking artificial tree, I applaud your creativity!

The final result looks great!