Introduction: Bibs for Babies

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DIY bibs to save money and have a fashionable baby!

Step 1: Thread the Sewing Machine

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Place your spool of thread on the top of the sewing machine, on the spool pin. The spool should be turned so that the thread is released counter-clockwise. Pull the thread out. Tug at the thread to pull it out, and wind it around the bobbin winding tension disc at the top of the sewing machine.

Step 2: Make a Template

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Put a bib on a piece of paper and trace carefully and neatly. After you are done tracing it cut out the paper and put it on the material you will be using. make sure to match the fabrics correct side to correct side, if you do not do this your design on the material will be upside down.

Step 3: Trace With Chalk

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Trace the template with chalk because you will be able to see it more clearly.

Step 4: Pin the Material and Cut

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While you are pinning with material make sure you don't do it right on the line. It works best to have the material pinned about one centimeter inward. You pin it so the sides we not move apart from each other. After you are done pinning you will cut the material about 3/4 an inch outward.

Step 5: Sew

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Start to sew around the chalked area. At corners flip the foot while keeping the needle down then you will be able to turn your material easier. When you are sewing make sure you make a 2 inch opening so you can turn it inside out.

Step 6: Cut, Turn the Fabric, and Iron

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Cut excess making sure not to get too close to the hem. Turn the bib inside out. Iron the bib.

Step 7: Sew Some More

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Fold in the 2" opening that you left then sew it shut. Continue all around the bib to give a nice clean finish.

Step 8: Velcro and Trim the Excess

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Cut under an Inch coordinating velcro to match the bibs fabric color and pattern. Sew your Velcro to the bib. Make sure one is on the under side and one on the top side of the neck tabs. Trim any excess threads.


gralan (author)2017-05-01

Thank you very much for giving me the ability now to make bibs for all my new neighbors born in our apartment complex. Woo Hoo

Have machine and instructable, will sew. Hey, sew what! hahaha

DIY Hacks and How Tos (author)2017-04-25

Those look like something that I could actually make. I may need to make some for my baby.

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