This instructable is for all you pyromaniacs out there, like me. It's such an easy way of making a spectacular firework; 6" jets of flaming gas, followed by a heat wave and meter high mushroom fireball! Read on to find out how!
*Watch the video on step 2*

Step 1: Equipment and Preparation

For this 'experiment', you MUST wear goggles or big glasses that cover your whole eye. When the lighter explodes pieces fly everywhere. Don't take the risk - you may be surprised to hear me say this but it's not actually worth going blind for.

- Goggles, glasses, or even a snorkeling mask
- More than one Bic Lighter (you'll want to do it over and over!). The lighter must have a striker, not the ones with a button. Of course, you don't have to use a Bic lighter; any small, plastic strike lighter will do.

All you need to do is pry off the metal flame guard on the top of the lighter. You can do this easily enough with your fingers.

With that done, lets go blow something up!

Step 2: Kaboom!

Now for the fun part!

Light the lighter, and hold it with the flame until it (the black plastic loops holding the striker and valve in place) starts to melt. This takes perhaps 30 seconds, maybe a minute. The metal striker will fling off, and soon after that so will the gas valve (A metal -thing- which is connected to the red button in the picture. When this comes off, so does the button). When this flies off there will be nothing stopping the gas from leaking out, and it will! At this point, place the lighter in a sheltered place (away from wind, and also away from anything (else) flammable) right way up. There is no need to rush as the flame will continue to burn at normal height for at least another 30 seconds.
Make sure your goggles are on and stand back a meter.
A jet of flame bursts out of the side at the top. This is pretty spectacular, especially if there are more than one jets. Take in the view for 30 more seconds and BOOM!
One fireball.

*Note - try souping up your lighter to speed up the process (this is the only way to reliably speed it up)

Step 3: Spread the Word

Now you've enjoyed this immense experiment, tell your friends about it!

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