Picture of Bic Pen Blow Gun
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To Build a miniature blow gun. You will need: Bic pen Paper Tape Straight pin with ball or flat head on back end Hot glue gun Scissors Note: this same process can be scaled up using PVC pipe for a more typical blow gun size.

Step 1: Disassemble A Pen

Picture of Disassemble A Pen
Remove both ends of a pen and discard the two ends. The tube will become the blow gun
Master Wasi 4710 months ago

Put your mouth in the barrel and sneeze. The new and dangerous way to shoot. :D

Emperor Towhid10 months ago

Nice this is so easy to make.

Master Wasi10 months ago


(Cough) *Best
nice and really easy and the bast part fun!!!
Dangerous is my middle name. My friends' lives will be much more exciting after I make one of these.