Step 2: Step 1

Lets start by taking the pliers and gripping the tip of one of the pens, twist the shaft part with your other hand and it should pop right out. Now push the ink stick up out of that black piece, we wont be needing the black piece.
Plus, couldn't you use one pen for the shaft and not lose any force?
Why did you shoot your window?
no sriously it shattered mah window
awesome instructable!! i used a cheap metal ink refil instead of the plastic kind and it works better.
WAhaaaa teh bow broke meh window and pierced mah bukkit
why do you need the two rubber bands?
"This thing is VERY powerful so do not shoot it at anyone, it can kill them.(seriously)" Lol.. I shot it at my brother, wait, where is he..
lmao nice its the same with my bow u guys shud check it out its really ease and cheap to make yet will really hurt if shot lol <a rel="nofollow" href="https://www.instructables.com/id/EASY-skewer-bow-and-arrow/">link</a><br/>
it looks like a crossbow to me
hmmm nice and clean, i like it.

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