Awsome nun-chucks made from bic pens and paper clips!

Step 1: Gather Items

1.Bic pen
2.5 paper clips
4.1-3 mins

Step 2: Disassemble the Pen

Take apart the pen and then cut it in half

Step 3: Link the Clips

Take the Paper clips and link them together.

Step 4: The Finisher

Shove the linked clips into the half pen pieces.

Step 5: Caution!

Do not hit people and animals with this. just look what it did to this can of coke,and my leg. I will not be held responsible for your actions.
does it have to be a bic pen?
This has already been done before:<br /> https://www.instructables.com/id/bic-Nunchucks/<br />
&nbsp;AWSOME!!!!!!!!! I have some new portable handy nun chucks. Now i don't have to go buy some nun chucks for like 50 bucks.
pics are alittle blury
Make a video to show what it can do. I don't really think it can do that much damage.
I feel so much safer now :)
OMG THIS THING IS GOIN TA KILL SOMEONE!!!!! *sarcasm, for those who dont know... nice instructable
Not bad, but don't you think this is too short?
now u can feel B.A. ANYWHERES!! lol

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