Picture of Bic Pen Crossbow
Just a simple crossbow- quick and easy to make. 5-10 min is all you need.

Warning-this can hurt someone.

Note- the colors in the step by step will be different because I am making a new one. this one was my first one.
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Step 1: Materials-

Picture of Materials-
Materials you will need to make this crossbow-

1. any long thin peice that is about 6 inches long.

2. Bic pen (taken apart)
  • Outer tube
  • Grip area

3. Tiny binder clip.

4. Some rubber bands (or one and a glue gun)

5. Scissors for cutting/poking holes.

Step 2: The bow part.

Picture of The bow part.
Okay take the bic pen part and cut slits on both ends and make a hole big enough in the middle for the grip of the bic pen to fit through. Then put the rubber band in those slits on either side.

End result will look like this-

Step 3: Six inch shaft

Picture of Six inch shaft
Very easy to find, if something is bigger, than you could cut it to make it the right size or let out more rubber band for a more longer stretch.

I made mine out of sum legos. i will include a picture of mine.

Step 4: Glue the shaft to the bow

Picture of Glue the shaft to the bow
Okay now use the glue gun to glue the shaft to the bow.

-End result will look like this-

Step 5: Adding the clip

Picture of Adding the clip
Finally, take the mini binder clip and put hot glue on one side and press down. Then, keep adding glue until firm enough.

-Picture below-

Step 6: Ammo

Picture of Ammo
Ammo- wooden skewers for shish kababs