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Introduction: Bic Rocket Launcher

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Today: a rocket launcher made out of a bic mechanical pencil.
Tomorrow: mini warheads

Step 1: Gather Materials

you'll need;
a bic mecanical pencil,
some scotch tape,
thread or other fuse,
propellent(I used match heads,
and a vice grip or
other means of breaking off the cap

Step 2: Crack It Open

Break off the cap and anything in it (after removing the grip)then pull out the led cartridge.

Step 3: Final Assembly

Tape the cap to the part where the eraser used to be and put the grip in the clip as a sight or grip.(optional)it should look like the second image

Step 4: Final Prep

insert a 4 or so in. long piece of thread in the hole in the back of the ammo then put in your propellent of choice.Matcheads work fine especially if you crush them into a powder.

Step 5: Troubleshooting

you can't figure out how to fire it:the cat is smarter than you
you want to sue me:for what you did all on your own?
you are bored:get lost



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    this is so cool if you have any more cool ideas please email them to

    Of, and yes. I have found that the photo is perfectly clear. I do not know about you. Sarcasm is not very appreciated, you don't seem to know that,do you?

    Not photo whit cat. Other photos.

    Sarcasm is the worst sense of humor. This does not apply to me.

    I recommend the "macro" setting on your camera. It will be represented with a little flower icon and is most helpful in focusing on close-up objects.

    Why do you find it "stupid and confusing", would you care to explain so I can improve it?

    how the hell do u fire iwthout buring ur face off/and or having to pick plastic shrapnel from your body. and whats the projectile? the head?

    I like using copper pipe with one end flattened down and a hole drilled in it it works fine.

    Try keeping your face away from the exaust. The rocket will not explode...

    any other possible prjectiles asides from cap? how to load it?

    Yeah, as long as you keep it a little bit nose heavy. You can use a piece of wax on the end for practice rounds. This has the benefit of being formable to an ogive.

    try using macro for some of your pics

    haha i have the same computer tower.

    you need to make a movie clip of you making it and launching it. I tried to make one but the match head powder did not ignite