Bic Pen Bow & Arrow





Introduction: Bic Pen Bow & Arrow

A Bic pen bow & arrow is a good way to waste time at work or school. Be carefull these things really fly and could poke your eye out.

Step 1: Materials

Bic Pen
Rubber band

Step 2: Dissemble

Take apart the pen.

Step 3: Reassemble

Poke a hole in the center of the empty tube big enough for the end of the pen to fit.

Step 4: Add Ruber Band

Cut notches on both side of the pen tube to hold the rubber band in place.

Step 5: Fire!

Insert the pen pull back and fire.



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This is hopefully going to safe me from boredom

Oh, you know what it is..


ahem....awkward... O_o


i like this idea - however - cutting the hole in the pen can be did you do it?

You copied my idea

in an actuall bow and arrow the arrow doesnt go through the bow

Now this takes me back. We used to make these in middle school; I got busted and served lunch detention for shooting the ink cartridges and getting them stuck in the ceiling tiles.

its worth making. it shoots pretty far. if you can try to find a pen with out the colored part on the top. that makes it go way faster

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I think you can rip off the colored part at the top if you pull hard enough (or maybe I just got a defective pen...)

the air goes around the top of the pen and then pushes it out an dthne over making it go straiigter so leave it on

It'd be easier just to use a lighter and get the plastic soft on one side and push the cap through, then light the other side and push it all the way through, then get rid of the access plastic and you're good. It'll also hold the cap in place. TA DA

Ok, so i tried to do this one but when you make the hole it snaps. So i got a kilemetrico pen and cut just under it. use that instead of the one used so you wont have to make the hole large

You can add a target-dart for a blowgun into the ink cartridge itself, sharp part facing away. I did that (with 2 rubberbands,not 1) and it stuck in a wooden door at school

Use skewers instead of ink cartridges >=).

Just a warning, if you use a knife, be careful. I did that and the knife slid off and gave me a cut that I can tell will turn into a scar XD. So, yeah, be careful.