Step 3:

If you are living in the hot climate, you may connect a small PC cooler to the heatsink of the Led.
Because our climate is hot in summer the cooler is the beat way to increase the led efficiency and durability. It also saves the led from overheating - without cooled the temp on the heatsink is about 40-50 degrees C
With the cooler - 25-35 C

It is connected between the led driver and 3W Led

Read the notes to the photo
Looks interesting and I definitely going to try this out.
Thanks)<br><br>By the way, using my scheme, You may use any battery. Led contoller transforms the power to the working current.<br>I'm using two 3.7V (7.4 total) Li-Ion batteries, but it may work with 12V, or even 9V<br>But remember - &lt;6V ; &gt;40V
Vranov,<br>Simply 'mahvelous'. Really. And you retained the old school look with the headlight case. I've just gotta figure out where to buy all the parts you refer to.<br>As a starter, where should I try to get the 3W LED?<br>Well done !
As I'm living in Ukraine, and in our city you can find a radio components shop with elecrical odds and ends) Leds, drivers, wirings, and even transistors...<br>Try to find some kind of this... Or I can build one for you and post
Thank you. I will start looking :D
Once, I've been using a block of 11 Leds from a pocket flashlight...<br>It was a full c**p! Durability was less than 100 hours! <br>Then, I have found an internet site http://www.luxeonstar.com/<br>And began searching this kind of Leds at local radio detail market. I foud it!<br>I've bought one 1W led, 300mA driver and a small heatsink - it was my first headlight. Because of it's quite low brightness, a've bought two 3W leds and more powerfull batteries. Now, this is my modification of the headlight)))<br>Almost year of working - I love cycling, even all night long<br>http://tardhaus.com:8082/~scolwell/LED/lamp/star_on_heatsink.jpg
that looks awesome!
I was really surprised!<br>This Led with heatsink and a small cooler has been working since march 2011 by today! The overall durability is about 100 000 hours - almost forever!<br>Total cost is about 25$ without the battery charger!

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