This is a simple instructable that Transforms a normal  fire extinguisher into an air tank for an air-horn. and Yes it is loud. you can get about 10 good blast between fill ups.

Step 1: Materials

1) Fire extinguisher with rubber hose for a nozzle
2) Air Horn
3) Air fittings that fit the air-horn and a barb fitting to fit the hose
4) screw on valve stem
5)Hose clamps to attach the horn and tank to the bike.
Paging Mr. Herman. Mr. Herman, you have a telephone call at the front desk.<br>I like the idea of a nice, stealthy bike like this. I would hide the hose really good and put a black rubber ball over the diaphragm end and act like I was just barely squeezing the ball and give it an extra long honk with the other hand. I'd be making people schnitzel their lederhosen at Oktoberfest... yah!<br>But seriously, how can you ride with your bars so far back? It's either full nordic trac for me or else I go with the steering wheel set up; tennis balls in the spokes, rat traps pedals with carpet on them etc. How much air does the horn push? Could you load it with confetti or something similar like jacks, peppercorns or rock salt? Just thought I'd put my 2 cents in, if it were mine, of course. All kidding aside, good stuff Pee W.
how loud is it compared to an air zound bike air horn., the air zound uses a plastic bottle for the refillable charge. it is very light and you van place the trigger where you want., their stock bottle takes 60 psi as the max per the instructions. i have gone as high as 80 psi without a problem. i have heard that people will replace the oe 1 liter bottle with a 2 liter for a longer ruin. the end cap is regular soda bottle threads. duct tape is used to strengthen the 2 litter bottles. the stock bottle is thicker then a soda bottle. the tubbing is about 1/8 inch. it is plenty loud, it has saved me many times, truck,cars and busses can hear the tinkle of a bike bell, the air zound is as loud as a freon air horn. the weight of the fire ext is heavy.<br>i have 3 or 4 older empty ext ,i am not sure if they can be refilled since the hydro date is past. the expense of a fill and hydro is more than a rew 5 lb extinguisher
where did u get the fire extinguisher? just curious...
Why step 2? Can't you just drill a hole and install the valve without taking the handle off?
VERY awesome idea... BUT i know an easier way!<br><br>My old man has an old &quot;Class A&quot; (Wood and papers only, meaning it has water in it only) steel extinguisher. It's got a valve so whomever owns it can go to the average gas station and use the pump there, or their own bike pump, without it being a pain in the butt to attach one yourself... <br><br>Only problem, is the thing is MASSIVE... Id need a sidecar just for the rig :P
Way Cool! I love the bright red color, too.
I love the fact that you get a built in pressure gauge!<br><br>The Pee-Wee Herman bit? a little scary :-)
Great Idea! Neat re-use of a fire extinguisher !<br><br> Can finally use a Kahlenberg horn on s Small Sailboat!<br><br>
How delightfully insane!

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