My wife loves her pink bicycle, but when her bell stopped working after one to many over emphatic "bring-brings," she was anything but happy. To be more clear, the internal mechanism that caused the actuator to return after it was pressed broke. So to use the bell, she had to manually move it forward and back.

Eventually, I decided to open the bell to see how it works and hopefully fix it. While my solution may not work for the entire life of the bell, it is very simple and should provide plenty more "bring-brings" until I have to work on it again.

Step 1: Things You Will Need

A broken bell to fix, obviously.

A small, strong, rubber band.

A pair of pliers to help with dissassembly.
Thaaaaank you!<br>
<p>I'm glad it worked for you! But do note, that the rubber band will likely dry out and break if it is out in the weather for very long.</p>
Use some car wax on chrome to clean the rust and prevent more! <br>
Thanks for the tip. I cleaned most of it with CLR before I took the pictures, but the wax would be a good top coat.

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