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Here's how to make a low cost truck bed mount for your bikes.

Step 1: Materials

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- Angle SteelL2"x2"x3/16"x0'-3".
- 1/2"Dia x 4" steel tube.
- 5/16"x5-1/2" all thread rod.
- A regular 5/16" nut.
- A 5/16" wing nut.

- A chop saw
- A welder.

Step 2: Assembly

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Center the tube on the Angle Steel and weld it to secure both together.

Cut your all thread rod to length, or use an all thread bolt.

Use either a wing nut on one end or both, or a nut on one end or both. It's importand that which ever you do, you make sure your bike is VERY secure before going down the road.

I attached mine to the inside of my bed on the tail gate. This makes it so i can attach and release my bike without having to get up into the bed. i just lower the tail gate. Now simply remove your front wheel and secure your bike front fork to the mount.


transic (author)2011-06-17

going to do this soon. How did you mount it in the truck, I am thinking in the bed tho closer to the window. Perhaps with a plate and two threaded bolts.

aaron7575 (author)transic2011-06-20

i bolted mine near the top of the tailgate on our truck. This allows me to lower the tailgate to gain better access to the connection. I've also added some washers to the mount to spread out the contact points so it doesn't scratch up the forks. Something more like the connection on wheels. FYI.

killerjackalope (author)2008-05-20

Smart idea, you could also add a couple along the rear bushguard and have crazy people riding them as they hang off the back, actually having the bikes there would allow you to fill the bed at the same time...

That would work....until you ran into a police cruiser. Then it would be lights and tickets and visits to the judge.

Despite what I said being a joke I just yesterday ha some laughs with the police over the fact that two of were hanging off an advertising trike up a main road while giving flyers to passers by, the joys of PR, somehow I think they'd take the bike idea even better...

Evil Bike (author)2008-11-27

yah, um... they alredy mass produce these for about $3-5 sry but still cool

aaron7575 (author)Evil Bike2009-10-06

when i made this instructable, they were more on the order of $20-$30 a piece. Which is not that bad if you only have one bike. I'm also curious where you can find them for $3-$5, that's a deal.

Evil Bike (author)aaron75752009-10-06

my bike shop

lobodawg (author)Evil Bike2010-09-15

Not sure where your bike shop is. This is what I found for $10:

Not bad, but still not $3-5

VadimR (author)Evil Bike2009-10-06

Where can you buy this for $3-5? Just the skewer is $10.

SWV1787 (author)2008-05-20

Great idea now just make a bracket to hold the rear tire and if you mount them to a plate weld an old set of forks, upside down, to the plate to hold the front wheel while transporting...

Evil Bike (author)SWV17872008-11-27

that is a really good idea.. i shall try it

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