Bicycle Brake Lights





Introduction: Bicycle Brake Lights

Highly visible to others when brakes are applied.




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    see: Sigma $10 auto bicycle brake led

    It's daytime bright, keeps hands on bars, light weight, cheap and keeps you from being run over in a race or trail ride. Works good for peripheral vision while sight seeing when riding. Blinking it & stop lights caution car drivers to watch and slow down for you. Last ~ 2-3 months: every day commuter, and ~ 1 year casual rural rider.

    What type of wiring did you use?

    Hey, sorry I did not see your question before now. The wiring i used was actually some leftover telephone wire that had four elements to it. I realize it would've been much more helpful if I had done a tutorial, whereby each step was made clear. I was flying by the seat of my pants, and didn't think of making a post to instructor bowls until after the project was done. Thanks again.

    Hey, which type of switch you use? can tell me the name and type of that switch ?

    Momentary switch

    U can Google it.

    Deeppu, it's a 'push on' type, bought at Radio Shack. Here's a close-up of an extra switch I have of the same type. Double click on the image and you'll be able to see the numbers on the body of the switch. Let me know if this helps.


    That is genuinely the best idea for bicycle lights I have seen here so far! But add indicators too and you have one great piece of kit!

    Thanks, Cameron. I'm still enjoying the setup, and at one time I entertained the thought of turn signals but decided it was not for me. Flashing lights could be good, but I never was able to locate one inexpensive enough for my taste. Tried using a old style car flasher but it dragged the batteries down too quickly.

    dont know if this has been said. but you can easily run those lights off a 9v battery. i've done this with multiple strands of the same led strips. this way your battery pack will be tiny. plus you can buy rechargable 9vs now.

    Thanks for the heads up on using a 9V. When I first saw your suggestion, my mind couldn't go to those small 9V, like for a smoke detector, but I'm ready to try that; and you're right, they have rechargeables now. Thank you again.