Step 8: Final adjustment

Take the opportunity to lube the derailer so the new cable works effortlessly. Crimp end on cable to keep cable from fraying. This can be done by pinching the small metal sleeve over end of cable and pinching with a pair of pliers.
Ole-Grizzly6 years ago
never never WD-40 a bicycle. It was actually developed as a solvent and DE-GREASER for rust prevention on missile parts. It has trace elements of lubrication but it's far to light for bike parts. It forces out existing lubrication (with both it's de-greasers and it's pressure when applied. Leaving your bike running metal on metal. It appears to run smoother because it gets rid of dirt and grime (de greases...) but all lubrication vanishes quickly. BAD BAD news to use on a bike. I'm actually going to politely ask you to remove this picture to deter others from thinking it's okay to use it. It should only be used as a very very light lubricant on household objects like hinges or locks or toys. Never for heavy fast moving applications.
mczagany6 years ago
Wow... no wd-40 on a bike there. All bout the oil.