Picture of Bicycle Camera Mount for under $1
Mount almost any camera that accepts a screw in tripod for under a buck, using stuff you may already even have.

Step 1: What You'll Need

Picture of What You'll Need
What you'll need to make it:

1 x Reflector Mount (a friendly bike shop will give these away for free)
1 x Shim for reflector mount (also probably free at your LBS)
1 x 2 inch 1/4" x 20 thread count screw of your choice (pretty standard for most cameras)
2 x 1/4" wing nuts
2 x 1/4" washers
2 x 1/4" rubber washers

You might also need a drill with a 1/4" drill bit
blanthegenius made it!3 months ago

Excellent tutorial, thanks.
I was going to buy a mount but then thought I'd do a quick search on here, I'm now happy that I did the search.

A_Str87 years ago
Thanks for the tutorial. I just made one and it works great! I made a video walkthrough as I put it together

Here are some pictures I took of what I did.
Thanks. This video really helped me, even though it cost me a little under $5.
great video! thanks.
Nice video.
sbhatla3 years ago
i am planning to make a strong one for my D3000.
sbhatla3 years ago
What If u add a small spring between the top flynut and rubber washer for extra stability
bwoodward13 years ago
It actually cost me $2.35 to build, being that I had the free reflector mount. Still not bad at all, and its plenty sturdy for my Mino Ultra.
f3rg5 years ago
I tried this out, and the results weren't very promising.  Even with everything as tight as possible, the camera (a Nikon L20) shook enough that you can hear the sound of it shaking on the mic.

The video is somewhat acceptable on smooth roads, but I wouldn't want to go anywhere near a trial.  It's not the fault of the mount so much as the weight of the camera.  The L20 is a pretty compact model, but it still weighs too much to hold steady, and I bet other similarly sized cameras will have the same issue.
jar0n f3rg4 years ago
a little late, but you're probably looking for something like this..
rocky5024 years ago
This is more of a reply to f3rg, no matter what you do you are always gonna get movement on camera. I made this and it's great, I go mountain biking and use this. Yes I get a rough video but its fun. The other way to film your ride is a helmet mount, then it only sees what your looking at.

razorE500s5 years ago
To Help Prevent it from slipping AND to make it more shockprof wrap some foam tape under it.
ryanstan5 years ago
to stop it from slipping, try adding a cut-up bicycle tube around the inside of the reflector mount.  Then, you can really tighten the crap out of the screw and the tubes will press against the bars, therefore keeping it from slipping and sliding.  Great idea!  It works perfectly on a Scott Sportster
macguy7876 years ago
i just made one for less than a buck. beautiful. if anyone wants a photo, just let me know.
me please
dre01016 years ago
Just made one today. Brilliant. Thanks
effing fantastic! thank you!
Graham94706 years ago
You're the man! I'm off right now to go and make one.
if you made the mount, can you please tell me if it is fairly shockproof, will it slip or snap if you go over many bumps/jumps, i only have a small camera so it is not as if i will be using an slr or anything!
Yates_946 years ago
nice instructable, but to anybody who has made this, is it fairly shockproof, as in if it went over a few drops and bumps with a camera on top would it slip or snap.
scottredd6 years ago
Sweet and simple. I like it.
drjaymez6 years ago
Very solid. Could absolutely be used for a GPS. Using an Aiptek A-HD and the video is too bumpy for me to use. If I had image stabilization I suspect it would be much better.
billsquared6 years ago
Great Instructable. I put this together with a Canon camera hacked with CHDK (http://chdk.wikia.com/wiki/CHDK) to shoot one frame every ten seconds over the course of a six-day bicycle tour. The stop-motion results -- sped up from 6FPM to 6FPS -- can be found at http://www.youtube.com/user/bikebillsquared
you got a +1 from me because I wouldn't have thought to ask the bike shop for a reflector mount. Nice instructable.
Hey pjax, i've got a garmin mounted on mine. Great for unknown places. But the garmin mount is very different from this one.
mzim7 years ago
I was trying to mount my Sony DCR SR42 Handycam using something similar when I stumbled onto this page. I tried this variation and lo and behold, the steadiest video yet! This mount works great. Not completely without shakes over bumps but hey.....its a bump for Petes sake. This one gets my vote
bkf117 years ago
Just a quick note to say that this is absolutely brilliant. The use of the wingnuts to tighten the bolt in place and the camera is very clever. I'll definitely keep this in mind for the future. Benjamin
pjax8 years ago
would you suggest mounting my GPS/PDA on a mountain bike?
i.am.mozman8 years ago
I was just thinking about how to mount my gps unit on the cheap. I think this approach may work for it as well.