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Introduction: Bicycle Canoe Cart

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Several years ago I built a Portage Cart for my canoe. It works great for getting my canoe from one body of water to another.

In the past I have put my canoe up on top of my van and drove to whatever body of water I wanted to explore.

Now that I live only a few blocks from a major river, I wanted a quick way to get my canoe out onto the water.

Step 1: What I Used

2 U bolts

1 Eye Bolt

1 Shackle Bolt

1 4 foot oak dowel 1.25 inch diameter

1 bike

1 Bike rack left over from a Baby Bike Seat

1 Canoe ( with a carabiner attached at the bow)

1 Canoe Cart

Step 2: Putting It Together

On one end of the dowel I notched the end to fit over the lip of the Bike rack to keep the dowel from twisting.

On the other end of the dowel I drilled a pilot hole then screwed in the eye bolt. To the eye bolt I attached the shackle bolt.

For the U bolts on the bike rack I tried to get as close to the places that the rack attached to the supports. Closer to the seat I was able to put the U bolt through the steel plate that attaches the rack to the bike frame just below the seat post. At the rear of the rack there was nothing I could use to reinforce the attachment so I put the U bolt as close to the mounting point of the original rack.

once the U bolts are loosely bolted in the Dowel can be slid into place and the U bolts can be tightened down.

Step 3: Insert Tab a Into Slot B

Now that the modifications to the bike are complete, It is time to turn my attention to the cart.

For walking the canoe across portages, bungee cords work fine. For towing the canoe several blocks I wanted to make sure the cart was going to stay put.

Time to raid my stash of tie down straps.

I attached two tie downs (the blue ones) to the outside of the cart uprights and crossed them under the canoe before attaching them to the carabiners in the stern gunwale to prevent any side to side shifting.

The other tie downs (red ones) are placed to the inside of the cart uprights and then go up and over on the same side. I wrapped the tie down over the thwart and then secured them to the seat supports.

Step 4: Set Sail

Because of the minimalist design there was enough room in the canoe for the cart and both bikes, so that we don't have to return to the same launch.

Some days you don't want to paddle, you just want to go where the river takes you before you head home.

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    Well,i made something similar and since i have alot of sand to contend with and have a few bikes i can use for parts,i made a little cart with bicycle wheels . I will post some photos of what i did with the "towing pole" later today as that is what ill be working on.

    I thought this was a great idea. I live a block from the water and was wondering how id transport my kayak without walking or driving. I will definitely give this a shot,i think itll work perfectly. As for my bike,there is a few trees like you said.

    1 reply

    Awesome ... don't forget to post pics of yours once you make it :)

    ...what did you lock your bike and invention to if you went to the river and took your canoe out?

    3 replies

    Look at the last photos and read what was said in the last paragraph.

    Thanks for taking the time to read the instructables StvenP

    this trip we took the bikes in the canoe. If I do decide to leave my bike on shore, there are plenty of trees that the bike could be locked up to. The tow bar is bolted onto the bike rack so it should be fine. If it does get taken(those darn adjustable wrench wielding hooligans) the cost to replace is only a few dollars.

    seriously though, good idea and execution. Isn't it nice to have a need and the skill set to make life that much easier. Kudos to you, and enjoy the funny looks you may get.

    I actually got quite a few kudos from neighbors as I took the canoe down to the river and back.

    I am going to make the axle for the cart stronger so as soon as I do that I will either update this IBLE or make a canoe cart 2.0 post hehe