Step 2: Make the Dropouts

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The dropouts are easy to make from 2"x3/16" flat bar.  First, put a cutoff wheel on your angel grinder.  Cutoff  wheels for this type of grinder are roughly 1/8" thick, if the wheel you have is thicker than that its not a cutoff wheel its a grinding wheel.  Now put on your safety glasses, this is a must because your grinder will be throwing sparks everywhere.  Mark off 3" section of the bar and cut it off.  I found that a good practice for cutting with a grinder like this is to first make a shallow cut right along your line.  This will act like a guide as you make the rest of the cut.  Repeat 3 more times to get four 3" long pieces.

Now get out the ruler and sharpie and mark a point in the middle of each piece 3/4" from the end.  Then grab your hammer and center punch, put the punch on your mark and hit it with the hammer.  Don't Miss!  Next put one of the pieces in your vice and center up the center punch mark with the drill bit in you drill press.  Clamp everything down tight and put a dab of motor oil on the drill bit.  This is not the ideal coolant method but it will save your drill bit from going dull.  Set your drill press to the lowest speed possible, less than 500 rpm if you can.  Then just drill the hole and repeat for the next three parts.

Next make a few marks from the edges of each hole to the edge of part.  Then get out your grinder and cut from the hole to the edge of the plate.  Once your done with all four dropouts you'll be a cutoff wheel master and ready to tackle the rest of the project.