Step 6: Prepare you Bike Rack

Picture of Prepare you Bike Rack
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You need to have a bike rack to mount and pull this trailer.  The frame design and pulling arm are centered around this type of setup. The trailer is connected to the bike rack with a Quick Disconnect Ball Linkage (McMaster part #6058K34)  This linkage has a ball much like the towing hitch used on cars and trucks but is much smaller.  The other part of the linkage that attaches to the trailer has a spring release so it is very easy to detach the trailer from the bike but but still securely captures the ball when pulling.  To mount this to your bike rack just drill a 3/8" hole in the platform.  I suggest putting the hole in the center of the rack and forward of the rear axle.  Most racks have cross bar underneath the platform, don't drill though this, but put your hole near it for added stiffness.  Also, when drilling the hole don't drill through your tire!  Its probably best to either remove the rack or your rear wheel from your bike when drilling.  Mount the ball to the bike rack with a 3/8"-24 nut and you done. 

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