Step 8: Start Towing

Picture of Start Towing
Now just hook the trailer to your bike and load it up.  I have found this trailer to be very maneuverable.  I can ride in slow tight circles with the trailer attached and it just spins in place behind me.  It would be very difficult to jack knife yourself with this trailer but I'm not going to say it can't be done.  

The first thing I hauled with the trailer was the grill in the picture.  I rode 7 miles on fairly flat roads with moderate traffic only had one issue.  The garbage picked wheels really needed to be trued because there was a relatively harsh vibration around 12MPH.  This is an easy fix.

If you have been thinking about building a bike trailer, stop thinking and just do it.  You will be surprised at how useful your bike will become.  If you are moving, you should defiantly consider a Bike Move.  The best part about a cargo bike trailer is the looks that you get from people as you ride by.  Everyone assumes that pulling things with a bike is just not possible, or at least impractical, but their minds will be blown when you cruse past.  Have fun, ride safe and wear a helmet.         

dude that is so cool but is it lugit!