Introduction: Bicycle Chain Whip

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How to make a simple chain whip for removing sprockets on a bicycle cassette. If you've got the materials knocking around then it's obviously cheaper that buying one.

Step 1: Gather Parts and Tools

For this chain whip you will need:

An old bike chain
Something for the handle, ideally a 1-1.5 inch wide by 5 mm thick flat metal bar/sheet. I cut a strip from a sheet of plastic I had lying around and it really didn't work. MDF or plywood might work but metal is your best bet.

Chain breaker
Drill with 3.5 mm bit

Step 2: Prepare the Handle

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Cut the handle to a length of 12 to 18 inches and smooth down the sharp edges.
Then drill three holes towards one end of the handle and approx. 7 mm from the edge, with a distance of 40 mm between the first and second hole and 10 mm between the second and third hole.

Step 3: Prepare the Chain

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Break the chain into a 3 link section with open links and pins at both ends and a 7+ link section with an open link and pin at one end.

Step 4: Attach Chain to Handle

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Line up the 3 link chain section with the first two holes on the handle and the 7+ link with the third hole. The chain breaker won't fit around the handle to close the links so use the hammer to knock the pins through. Et voila, one chain whip.

Step 5: Why Not to Use Plastic

Picture of Why Not to Use Plastic

This is working...oh bother.

Had it not broken I would've wrapped the handle with electrical tape or a tennis racket over grip to make it more comfortable to use.


Wild-Bill (author)2017-03-26

Here I was wondering if wood would work. I am a wood worker not a metal worker and I see that plastic may be problematic. I have piles of used long chain and small lengths of new chain as I ride a bent trike. Once I make this mod (a spline retainer with a spring locking ring) to my Rohloff (the coolest internal speed hub ever made) I will never need a chain whip again so it is worth the try. My conversion parts, hopefully, arriving this week, if I succeed I will post it here. I could probably borrow a whip but I am up to the challenge. Thank you for showing the courage to try something different.

TomV4 (author)2015-02-08

So, this is some sort of tool, and not a weapon?

paul.lackenby (author)TomV42015-03-09

Yeah, it's used for taking the cassette (the gears) off the back wheel of a pedal bike.

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