Step 4:

So.. after a few days of use, I decided to strengthen the L connection between the base plate and the rack. The transport carrier is OK, but the base plate is the weakest link: it flexes too much.

I got a steel strip (3x 30 mm), and bent 2 square supports (after cutting). I had to take the carrier off the bike for stripping and painting anyway. The hand carrier already had 4 M10 tapped holes for the axle supports, corresponding holes were drilled in the support brackets to connect . 6 mm holes were drilled in the brackets and base plate for connection with M6 bolts.

When the paint is dry, I want to glue rubber (inner tyre, flooring, insulation) on the parts which come in contact with the cargo. Pics will follow.....
Another way to support the carrier is to add steel strips at a 45 degree angle to the carrier base (the steel tubes that, on the hand cart, were vertical). If you considered that, did you not do it b/c it would interfere w/ potential loads that might be wider than the carrier?
It's always interesting to hear of different names for things from around the world.  Here in the states these are called Dollies and Hand Trucks among other things.
I knew I remembered the weather from somewhere.... Well done. Might not need to buy a Kronan now ;)
In Holland it is called 'steekwagen' . The base plate IS too thin, as well as the bracket. The bike could easily handle a bigger load. Right now, I'm thinking of ways to enforce the square angle between the base plate and the rack, also light and perhaps fixing the sagging steel strips..... I have to take it apart for stripping & painting anyway.... BTW: all Dahlia bulbs have been taken from my allotment to my house !!!
These are actually called sack barrows BTW
Nice idea, using the old hand cart. Does the rack itself not shimmy side to side?

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