Step 3: Prep Upper Wood Hooks and Pulleys

Picture of Prep Upper Wood Hooks and Pulleys

Start with the hooks that will go into the board.

If you bought eye hooks, you will need to open them slightly to slip on the eye of the pulley. The easiest way to do this is heat up the hook with a torch and bend it while its red hot. This will prevent the hook from fatiguing and becoming weak. However, if you just bend the loop sideways 2/8 inch or so, slip the pulley on and bend back you should be ok.

If you have cup hooks and are bending shut against the pulley, please use a torch to heat up the elbow. this will prevent the hook from breaking or becoming weak. when you finish the bend, dunk the hook in cold water. wear gloves. use caution, don't hurt yourself. i am not responsible.

NOTE: had i bought all this stuff from the start, i would have used all pulleys that are the size of the two larger ones, and therefore one sized larger hooks.