Bicycle Hub Lock





Introduction: Bicycle Hub Lock

  When stopping a thief (generally) you just need to break their stride.  Of course you are parking in public view and have good locks, but another lock never can hurt!

Step 1: Materials

Drill, drill bit, & a luggage lock.

Step 2: Use What Is There

Most bikes have these holes drilled and tapped for a cargo rack.  In this case you will use the top one.

Step 3: Drill the Lever

Align your quick release lever, with the tapped hole, and dill the lever.

Step 4: Install Lock

Of course this can be broken.  This is just another attempt to thwart The LOWEST CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY!
............Now get your roll on!



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    good deal, i just bought a commuter and i hate having to use the cables and then rock the u lock

    Oh nice - at first i though this was a lock through the spokes to keep the bike from being ridden. But i now realize it is to keep the wheel from being stolen. Great idea. Is there any chance of the lock drifting around and getting tangled in the spokes though? That could really be disastrous!

    Not at all. Its pretty tight. I hate a noisy ride and I thought I would not use it but it doesn't even rattle.