Bicycle Innertube IPod Case





Introduction: Bicycle Innertube IPod Case

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I made this iPod case (for an iPod Touch) out of old bike inner tubes and swatches of ultrasuede that I had laying around. I also added a little loop for my retractable headphones to hook into. "Quilting" the two materials together created a fairly workable material that was rubberized on the outside but friendly to my iPod on the inside.



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     this looks like an awesome case but it would be nice to have step by step instruction

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    Hey, sorry. I never wrote up instructions because I never really took the right photos. There were three or four prototypes I was working on all a the same time, and it's a lot harder to capture the right things than when you're making one thing with a plan for how to do it beforehand.

     ok, i get it, if you still have the case and dont mind doing this could you measure it so that i can make one myself?

     I gave it away a while a go, but for cases like this (the rubber is a bit stretchy) you can kind of sew two sides and then adjust the other two sides carefully with the device actually in the case. You pin it when the fit feels right, remove the device, and then stitch. You can trim off the extra material afterwards.

     thanks man, thats really helpful, now i jus have to find the materials

    Funny how it says sony in one of your pictures.

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    Yeah, those are some of my favorite headphones for their price range (in-ear, retractable, and with really good bass for about $40.)