Bicycle Parking Brake - Simple, Free, Effective




Introduction: Bicycle Parking Brake - Simple, Free, Effective

It is always difficult to park your bike on a hill or slope because it tends to start rolling away before you can get anything done. You can wedge it against something, like a curb or jam it into a wall but this risks scratching your lovely bike's paint work or handlebars.

I found a similar problem when I started to commute with my bike on a train; every time the train accelerated or slowed down at stations, my bike would roll about, rubbing against other bikes or sometime even falling over.

My old road bike had caliper brakes fitted with adjustable cams to bring the pads closer to the rims and I could use these as parking brakes but my new bike had no such mechanism, so I looked for a simple inexpensive solution.

After experimenting with small bungees, which I found too fiddly and my daughter's hair bands, which were too big and kept getting lost, I found the perfect solution in an old bicycle inner tube...

Step 1: What You Need

To make this cunning bicycle handbrake for your own bike, you will need...

  1. An Old Inner Tube
  2. A Pair Of Scissors

That is all you require to make this remarkably simple instructable ;-)

Step 2: Making & Fitting Your Parking Brake

Take your old inner tube and, using your scissors cut a 1cm (about 1/2 inch) cross sectional slice from the tube. You will create a small, wide rubber band.

Stretch this band onto the handlebar grip of your bike and forget about it, until required. You won't even notice that it is there. You may even literally forget about it...

Step 3: Deploying Your Hand Brake

When on the train, needing to park your bike on a hill or slope, even when simply needing to immobilise your bike to steady it for cleaning or adjusting; simply pull the band out from the handlebar and stretch it over the brake lever, thus applying the brake. I found the front break most effective because it prevents the front wheel from turning and rolling sideways.

Your bike is now a largely immovable object and will become far more easy to prop up, manage on a hill and leave on a train.

Don't forget to unhook the band when you want to ride away.

I was absolutely delighted with this solution because it only takes a couple of seconds to make, costs nothing and is actually incredibly effective!

btw. apologies for the poor sound quality on the video in this section but everything should be easy to understand via the Instrucable text. Any questions, please ask.

I hope you like my Instructable and make a simple handbrake for your own bike. Please send photos if you do.



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