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Introduction: Bicycle Parts Belt


This is from Napalmandroses' bike parts belt idea in the bikepirates thread here.

Step 1: Acquire a Used Bike Tire and Trim Off the Bead & Sidewall - I Have a Bontrager 700x25 Here.

Step 2:

I didn't have two matching cogs, but a section of a larger cog will do for a second ring. I cut it into sections with a Dremel cut-off tool as in the bottle opener directions.

Step 3:

Thread the tire end through the two "rings" and make holes to put the master link pins through. I used a c-connector single speed link to fit the thickness of the doubled-up tire.

Step 4:

Try on and trim the end to length. The belt hooks up much like a D-ring belt. Alternate pictures two and three show another partial chainring instead of a small cog, trimmed, with two teeth removed on the top piece.



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    anyone know if it's possible to flatten out the tire rubber?

    5 replies

    only if you have a REALLY HOT oven & a 120,000 ton press.

    Hmm, Well, I'll have to work on that ;)

    It's tough, but manipulating it (folding, rolling opposite direction, etc), then putting some weight on it may help. I tried this with two different tires actually, and the wider, stiffer tire ended up lying flatter in the end.

    try stretching it flat and then putting a weight on it. after wearing it for a long time it should naturally stretch and flatten

    you could use a heat gun and plyers maybe

    I ended up using your design instead of Napalmandroses', just tweaked a bit - if you don't have the tools to cut a gear, just use a smaller gear for the second ring. Worked great for mine! Took just a few minutes: cut the tire, fold it over your two rings, rivet in place, round off the other end. Done! :)

    I have an old rusty bike lying around, and want to do this, but how do I get the gears off?

    3 replies

    You could try taking it to the local bike repair shop :-/ That would be fun to explain...

    a cog and cog spacer is less work and looks good too, instead of the second fragment of another cog.

    this project looks awsome. I copied you and remade an already existing belt and added a sprocket from a "farm and home supply" Because i couldnt find a bike i wanted to ruin. Altogether the belt (from goodwill) and the Black sprocket were like $8. People comment when they notice. I noticed that this belt can double as a medieval mace when the need arises. ANd that when you bend over you can get poked!

    When you cut the sidewall off, step 1, you can lay the tread flat.

    Yep, without the rigidity of the bead she will lay totally flat once the beads are removed!!

    I just did this instructable, but I useed a MTB tre. I would not recomend it (using the mountain tire), you willBbREAK OUT IN A SWEAT putting it ON. The knobs make it WAY to grippy. On the bright side of things, it is REALLY comfortable, has a little bit of stretch to cope with the positions of sitting, standing and, of course, bicycling. Although, next time I will use a ROAD TIRE!

    I must create a sprocket belt buckle to add to my collection. That is cool!