Step 1: Acquire a used bike tire and trim off the bead & sidewall - I have a Bontrager 700x25 here.

Step 3:

Thread the tire end through the two "rings" and make holes to put the master link pins through. I used a c-connector single speed link to fit the thickness of the doubled-up tire.

Step 4:

Try on and trim the end to length. The belt hooks up much like a D-ring belt. Alternate pictures two and three show another partial chainring instead of a small cog, trimmed, with two teeth removed on the top piece.
MADFOX8 years ago
anyone know if it's possible to flatten out the tire rubber?
kimithy MADFOX4 years ago
It's tough, but manipulating it (folding, rolling opposite direction, etc), then putting some weight on it may help. I tried this with two different tires actually, and the wider, stiffer tire ended up lying flatter in the end.
you could use a heat gun and plyers maybe