Picture of Bicycle Polo Fixie in an afternoon.
Hey, a fellow that I know asked if I would be interested in helping set up a bicycle polo team.

He has just bought a lovely shiny fixie bicycle and is manically enthusiastic about trying the sport out.

So am I now: You can use any bike but I wanted to try  the fixie stylee but I didn't want to spend £400 like he did; I tried it this way . . .

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Step 1: Starter bike.

Picture of Starter bike.

I went to a friend who is moving house; he had about eight scrap bikes; I chose a shopper and a BMX.

This could be made from one bike but I like the height and open frame of the shopper and the tough wheels of the BMX; so I used both.

The first action was to take the wheels off the shopper and then remove all cables and brakes.

The shopper tyres were flat and as I don't need brakes it was ok to use the slightly smaller BMX wheels; and they look good.

So I put the BMX wheels on the shopper frame but I needed to slightly widen the forks and the rear triangles by standing on one side and pulling the other side up, not too much though; also I had to file out the dropouts on the front fork a little to accept the marginally wider axle.

Step 2: Freewheeling to fixed

Picture of Freewheeling to fixed
This is very basic.
I sprayed some solvent on the freewheel to clean it and simply welded the two moving parts together with an arc (stick) welder.

I'm no welder as you can probably tell but it took about 30 seconds and is holding.

I've heard that the expensive bikes have a double threaded hub so that a lock-ring can be used to ensure that the sprocket does not come loose.
Lorddrake3 years ago
awesome job modding the bike to fit your needs. I think the mascot is my favorite part hehehe.
Uncle Kudzu3 years ago
Sounds like fun! Yeah, that bike looks plenty nimble.

And now, if bicycle polo takes off, there's an instructable for that. Nice work!
onrust3 years ago
Great choice on bike. It looks like you can get lots of movement on it and off of it in a pinch.