Bicycle Repair Stand #2 (Portable)

Picture of Bicycle Repair Stand #2 (Portable)
This is a stand supported by a 35 lb cast iron stand used for an 10' wide umbrella.  It's more than ample to support a bike for repair.
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Step 5:

Picture of
Another view of slope bar attachment.  This configuration allows for sloping the bike to any ange.
papaiii11 months ago
Very nice, thank you!!!
papaiii papaiii11 months ago
Wish i could upload a photo of the one I just made
tony33770 (author) 1 year ago
Material list & Clamp I can help with - what base will you use, this design starts with a heavy base which can accept pvc post.
Clamp design info is included in my past postings. Hope this is of some help.
If I build one, I would use heavy cast iron umbrella base that should connect to PVC pipe with a little tinkering. I'm looking for exact sizes of PVC pipes used (cut lengths, diameter, etc..) I will look at your other posts for your clamp design.
skoster1 year ago
Great bike stand. Please list materials needed including sizes of PVC pipe used. What kind of clamp do I use to hold bike top tube? Would rather buy affordable clamp rather than make one (unless making one is easy).
I like it and it gets the job done.