Picture of Bicycle Rim Clock.
Here is another great way to reuse that junk that sits around the house. An old bicycle rim is a great base for a clock. The rim that I used belonged on my friends road bike before she ran over it with her car by accident. The rim got damaged and three spokes needed to be replaced before i could continue with this project.
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Step 1: What You Need

Picture of What You Need
  • Basic skills with hand tools.
  • Basic metal work.
  • Old(or new) bicycle rim.
  • High torque quartz movement (I got mine off of Ebay).
  • Thin metal strap.
  • Two bolts(6mm x 50mm)
  • Two nuts(6mm)
  • Two lock washers(6mm)
  • 1/8" metal plate.
  • Couple of gears off of rear cassette from bicycle.
  • Thin flexible rubber washer.
  • Thin wooden insert.
  • Flat black spray paint.
  • spray paint, color of your choosing, for hour and minute hands and hour markers.
  • painters tape.
  • J hook wall picture hanger.
  • Cordless Drill.
  • Drill bits(various sizes).
  • Pliers.
  • band saw
  • sandpaper
  • wrenches

Step 2: Preparing Bicycle Rim

Picture of Preparing Bicycle Rim
The first part of this step is up to you. I went ahead and removed the manufactures labels from the edge of the rim that will be used as the clock's face. This gave the rim a clean look. Speaking of clean, it is very important to scrub the surface of the rim to prepare it for paint. Most likely the rim you will be using will be used and show signs of wear and covered in dirt, oil and grease. This debris will hinder the paint.
diyguy1041 year ago

Which clock mechanism did you get off ebay? I can't seem to find one that has the long hands and long spindle. Thanks!

velokenneth (author)  diyguy1041 year ago

Do a search for this item number in ebay: 221167913452. It is not exactly like mine but it does the same job. If you want something different do a search for "high torque quartz clock movement" Most of the listings will not have hands included but some do. You can also includ the length of hands in the search if you know what you want. As far as the spindle length i went with 3/4". i could not find any long enough to go through the center of the wheel from the back. I had to mount mine on the front. I hope this helps. Let me know if you have any more questions.

iansbeing1 year ago

Where did you get the metal band and the back oval piece to connect everything?

velokenneth (author)  iansbeing1 year ago

At the time I was working at a high school. They had some scrap metal they let me have. I used the tools there to cut them out.

ttbwpg1 year ago
Very slick looking clock. Nice job.

Is it hard to access battery or adjust clock?
velokenneth (author)  ttbwpg1 year ago

Thank you for checking out my instructable. You can adjust the clock easy enough, the wheel on the back is accessible without remove anything. Changing the battery does require you to remove the two bolts so you can pull the clock mechanism away from the wheel.

Very neat, have to make one for my apt.
Carleyy2 years ago
I had an idea to do this!! I even got the bike wheel and everything! Looks like you beat me :D I'll hopefully have a similar project up soon.

Nice job!!
velokenneth (author)  Carleyy2 years ago
Thanks. I look forward to your project. I might get some good ideas for my next clock.
What a great idea for a clock! It even has that natural clock feel; it's crazy I've never seen it done before :)
Agreed - this really seems like an obvious idea in hindsight...
velokenneth, this is really cool. Many kudos!