Bicycle Seat Rest From Old Desk Chair


Introduction: Bicycle Seat Rest From Old Desk Chair

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best bike seat rest ever

Step 1: Drill Hole

drill hole under seat on metal cross bracket to 1/4" or whatever side bolt you have.

Step 2: Just Plastic Off Bolt

on my wide seat even a 1 inch turn knob would not even for under my Schaumburg wide saddle spring seat. so just just it off...

Step 3: Add Seat

bolt rest on like would the seat. I put washers and used sup tues u
to hold it in one spot on my rack I coulda solved this by adding 2 more washers but this will work great for now I'll put washers on later...pain in burg to take basket and seat seat off add washers out all back on

Step 4: Ride


Step 5:

Step 6:



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